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Overbrushed with furminator...?!

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So my cats are shedding and since Ive got six I thought Id start brushing them now and maybe Ill have them all done by spring. So I get out my furminator which I havent really used much before and started brushing Kinky. I figured it would pull out the loose hair just like any other brush. He was purring and happy and loving it so I kept brushing because hair kept coming out.

I just want to go sit in the corner and cry, I feel so awful! I dont remember reading a warning on the furminator package that said it plucked them bald if you just kept brushing!
I keep thinking maybe cats are supposed to be bald only noone brushes them well enough to know it! I cant be the only person thats ever done this right?

(Id like to point out that it doesnt look that bald unless he's in a sunbeam (or a camera flash), which is why I didnt notive that I was balding the poor cat (and in the middle of winter))
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Oh my, poor kitty!

We could never get to the point with the furminator here--it isn't hated but there is by no means a love relationship going on between it and the cat.

I know the packaging showed how to use it--perhaps your technique is off?

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That happened to one of the receptionists at a vet clinic i worked at when the furminators first came out. She had one of the clinic cats in her lap, just brushing away, zoned out on the internet. She stayed in the same spot and balded the kitty.
Next time count to ten then move to a new spot, you can revisit that spot again, but you have to make sure you brush the cat evenly.

I have often wondered if cats are secretly supposed to be bald after that receptionist incedent.
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I have had bald spots before (not quite that bald as I realised it was happening)

I just do three brushes in each area and move on now then use a soft brush afterwards for gentle time together type grooming rather than you are a fluffy mess grooming with the furminator

ETA it will grow back soon, just make sure he isn't out in the cold or in any cold areas while bald
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LOL I'm so sorry. I did that to cello too, not quite as pronounced but pretty close.

It grows back so don't worry!
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Well thank goodness Im not the first to do this. They should put a warning on the package!
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Lol my cats have plotted against me. I spent the past hour trying to find our furminator to no avail. We live in a 10x12 room, there's only so many places it could be lmao.
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Wow, I've never had that happen with the Furminator. It seems like your cat has extra delicate hair follicles... or maybe because she's in a shedding cycle that made it worse.

Sounds like very short brushing sessions would be better in your case.
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