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Simba bald on both ears!

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Hi All - My problem child goes from one ailment to another... He has always had issues with his ears; dirty, overgrowth of yeast, etc.. He has never been a great groomer I have used the Otomax ointment on his ears for years. It usually helps to clear things up and then a few months later it all returns again and we repeat. This time, however, he has lost all of the hair on both ears. I mean, not a stitch of hair left; completely bald! Also, he has alot of scabby, red patches around the outer part and around the ears. I have a vet appt. for him tonight, but was just wondering if anybody else has experienced this?
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Have you done any food trials to see if it's a food allergy?

Also I would ask about Mometamax in replacement of the Otomax. Traditionally it's for dogs, but you only have to put it in once a day [as opposed to twice] and it's a really strong steroid so he might respond better to it.
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Ok.. so the verdict is... the dreaded RINGWORM! My poor baby has it again! It wasn't just on his ears, but his entire body. His hair was actually coming out in clumps. Ugh! And this morning I woke up with it under my eye! I itch just typing about it! I feel for everybody out there that is dealing with this. It can be a nightmare. Simba's apparently surfaced due to all the antibiotics he has been on lately for his URI. I guess his immune system is compromised and since he has been under stress lately with the URI, this is the end result. So.... he is going in tomorrow to get shaved down. He is a persian and that's the only way I can see what's going on with his skin. We have to do the Maleseb Shampoo and also the LymDip once a week. I don't know... once a week doesn't sound like much to me, but that's what the vet said to start with. I already saw a bit of improvement after just one bath. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I just ordered the Malaseb Spray online. I have the pledgets at home, but I thought the spray may be better.

I'm wondering about keeping the environment clean, especially the bed sheets and blankets. Does anybody know if washing sheets in hot water with regular laundry detergent is enough to kill the ringworm, or should I be using something else?

To all dealing with this... HANG IN THERE! What we won't do for our furbabies!
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sending lot of and
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