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I live in a very small town just to let you know right off. I want to get some clippers to cut my persians down. I bought a cheap set from wal mart and they worked okay for about two cats. Didnt really surprise me. I had already ordered a better set from the feed store. Which was an 80 dollar set by wahl. Well I tried this set and it didnt even work for one strip down the back. It immediatly got caught in the fur and pulled. So back into its box it went.
I am now going to order one from revival. There are a hundred different types. Which ones will work on heavy persian coats. Right now they are all long with that cottony texture. Please be specific with which brand and model number. A little note is it possiable to get a good clipper for under 150.00. I cant spend more then that.
Denise Russell