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Thursday DT

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Morning all!

Thought that since I was up bright and early, I'd start this.

My throat is still sore and I'm not feeling 100% but at least, there's no headache

Received an email at work yesterday. Apparently effective the beginning of March, they will be auditing all of our computers. No more personal use on company time. Some people have been abusing it and going to 'not so permissable sites, if you know what I mean. I don't think it will affect me much because I don't do that. I just come here And, I use my own email address to get here. So....we shall see what that does. My boss said not to worry. They have asked that we wipe out any personal emails. What? Of course people send me emails at work, even if they are not related. For crying out loud. Whne my mom passed away, I received tons of them. I even have the last emails she sent to me before passing away and I'm supposed to delete them? Not a chance. I could save them and forward them here but....it's not the same. I want them exactly where they are. In her personal file. I can honestly say if someone touches that, it will not be pretty at work. And.....I would completely understand if, at the end of the day, my work was not done. But, that is not the case. I am always up to date (unless I have big projects) Anyways......I'm not upset, upset. I totally understand that some people do abuse the system. I just wish they would target the abusers! I don't think I abuse. I just check in here for a few minutes at a time. Type a quick message and come back later to check again. That's not over-abusing....is it?

It's cold again today. Wish winter was over....

Hope you all have a great day. I'll check in later!
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Good Morning! A early morning for us - Jake has an early class and I think I will go back to bed once he leaves. I need to catch up on lost sleep.
Ghys - this audit wont affect your trips to TCS will it? About the emails from your mother - have you thought about printing them out, saving the file onto floppy disk? Just to be on the safe side? But I would feel the same, I would give them heck about it if they tried to do anything to them.
Its pouring out there, yeeekkkkk! I guess that means Im staying inside and getting cabin fever!
Have a great day everybody!
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Ugh! I've been awake since 2:30 and up since 3:30. I've been doggie-mauled and slobbered on. Pearl was after my coffee, again.

Ghys, maybe you SHOULD put your mom's e-mails on disk. Its always a good idea to back up important files, anyway, just in case.

Its gonna be a loooong day.
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Kellye! LOVE your new pig. He looks sooooo 'yummy' I mean, cute! :LOL:

You are both right. I will probably save them. I just hate moving them from their original spot.

I shall see where all of this goes. My boss does not seem to be too worried. He knows I don't abuse the system and certainly never do anything un-ethical.

Cindy...get back to bed! Kellye, you too! Enjoy the warmth of the comfy blankets....I, need tpo step out into the cold. Ugh!
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If I go back to bed, I'll just feel worse. Besides, I've had the better part of a pot of coffee. Its a weird morning - Opie got up before Bill left.

A couple more cigarettes and "Imus in the Morning" should set me right.
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after a long night fighting pig-stealing aliens...

(they tried to distract me with disco, but i am not easily distacted. oh wait, yes i am, what were you saying?)

but it was a victory, thanks to the brigade...

they are the true heroes of this mission.

i am hoping to get a few days respite before the cia sends me back out. so i am here at my cover at the church today and hope to work on the bathroom a little more tonight.

i just wanted you all to feel better today knowing the pigs of the world are now safe. porky will be out of hiding soon and will be in contact with you, kellye. he is bringing coffee.

have a great day everyone!
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You know, bacon is starting to sound good, for breakfast.
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oh jan, i am now starting to feel better....thank you!
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You guys are tooooooo funny!
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Well, I'm the next in line with "the crud". I couldn't even manage to take Mio to school, and he was on a 2 hour delay. Oh, my head hurts, and I still have to finish my paper so that I can turn it in to the instructor's office. Since I'm home in the middle of the day, Willie is demanding attention, and cat hairs (he sheds incredible amounts when you pet him) on a dry tongue are super-icky, especially when they trigger your "spit mucus" response. Gaaahhh...

If that weren't bad enough, the ****** I used to call my H has been gone for a week, has called for favors (the things I have to do for his business... I don't send invoices, I don't pay the rent ), has not once been over to see his son, hasn't even called to talk to him.

Pray for me, y'all, ok?
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willie - i so sorry you are having such a rotten day!!!

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Thanks, Jan. You already made me smile with the disco alien and the flying pigs, that was so funny.

Now that I vented, I'm thinking vague thoughts about tomato soup...
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aww Willie, are you okay?
You are in my prayers and thoughts! Hang in there sweetheart!
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Lola! So sorry about your day/situation. Sending positive prayers your way!
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Lola, sending hugs and positive energy your way. Sounds like you need lots of both.

Cloudy gray day here, and the morning is dragging on and on. Is it time to go home yet? I just don't have any motivation this week, for much of anything. Don't want to work, clean the house, cook dinner, anything. Hubby is sick, too, so that makes life twice as hard. He's such a baby, he gets a little cold and he's out of commission for a week. Wish my life could work like that.

Trent seems to have ooped all of the string he ate. He's acting like his usually, purry, playful, loving self. Poos were in the litterboxes, so no blockages, and he's eating and drinking just fine. Silly little guy gave me a heart attack all for nothing.

Is it time to go home yet? Oh yeah, I already asked that. Jan, I think I'm catching your attention span! :laughing2 Gee, I missed all the action again last night. I was even on until about 9:00 MST and no aliens came around during my watch!
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Rotten day all the way around! Ted & our son Eric got into a verbal fight now they are not talking to each other.both are so hard headed.nether one will give in frist,So I told both of them I will not take sides,work it out yourself. They will sooner or later.Allways do.
Other than that weather was kinda warm today 30 no wind sun was shinging! gotto go watch CSI!!!
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Thanks y'all. I'm just hitting my "anger" stage, I think. At least I feel much better now, and Willie helped me sleep by snuggling with me. I still feel so bad about my son... he's been through a LOT of drama (and don't I feel bad about that!), and he seems to think that things will "go back to normal" the way they always do. *sigh*

Tomorrow will be better for all of us, I just know it.
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