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Baby Kitten & Excitement...

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I just adopted a new female baby kitten (no name yet) from the SPCA today. I was told to intro the baby to the older female (Deanna) slowly - like a week-2 or longer however long it takes...I did not know How to do this other than make sure the oldest is made number one and to know she is my girl always. So this is what I have done after introducing them face to face...there was some hisses and that was that...I took the oldest out with me for a drive after all she loves the car drives.

We came back and the kitten was with the pet sitter here at home and I took the older one to her space with my supper and her supper, fed her etc then left her be...I proceeded to go on up where baby kitten was and read the papers of her after care as she just got spayed etc.

Later on the little one slowly went to where the older one was and no problem - until the little one jumped up on the bed where the older one had be playing with toys and rolling around on her blankets...De ran to that end of the bed and hissed, growled and the little one jumped off the bed and hid. I went to get De picked her up and then found the litte one and picked her up also...De did not know the little one was in my other arm until a bit later on and OMGoodness cats scattered and I let De jump and kept the little one in my arms temporarily and set her down. I went to comfort De - and now she is super upset with me, hissing and growling, now back in her space and I am sitting up here in the computer area as the little one is now sleeping in her new little cushion basket with her blankey!
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Oh, that's all just normal stuff! The big one will make lots of fuss defending her territory, and it's best of course that you not let the kitten near De's food at all, but don't worry as eventually the hissing and whacks will settle down (usually takes a week or two), but just keep an eye on the baby when they're together for now... if you go out, leave the baby in a separate room with water, box, and a pillow or whatever (and triple check everything to make sure there are no potential problems for her to get into).
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