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Becoming a Foster home soon :)

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Hi all,
I have decided to open my home to pregnant mommy's and/or mom's with kittens. I love having babies in the house and want to save lives. I have raised three litters of puppies for different rescue over the years, I have had three bottle babies-kittens, and two litters-kittens only. I want to take in a prego mom, because I want to be there for the birth. I find so much joy in it, it's been two years since my last foster due to problems with our oldest dog who we sadly lost a week ago at the age of 19. We aren't ready just now, because we are building a cat room and run for our four personal cats, so we will have a room for mom and babies. So probably in two months or so. I will be reading the boards here and reading up on raising kittens again I just wanted to say hi and share my joy, hehe Thanks

Kat current mom to...
Lacy, Roxy, and Liberty...dogs
Luna, Smokey, Angel and Lola...cats
Yoda...Senegal Parrot
Phoniex and Boomer... Ferrets
Fireball...Betta Fish
........soon be be foster home for momma kitties......yea

~~~waiting in heaven~~~
Odin, Tobi, and Sophie...cats
Moo and Darling... Mice
Ben and Jerry, Squirt and Lilly...pups of rescued momma to sick to save
~~~To all animals that needlessly die in shelters daily, spay and neuter~~~
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You have a Tobi cat who passed away tooi loved my Tobi

That sounds sooo good. I really want to foster but the landlord I have now has a real problem with it. She thinks that it'd be too messy and dirty and smelly. I keep trying to tell her, cats are clean animals, and I'm the most clean person I know! But I guess I have to respect her authority, she may have had bad experiences in the past.

I wish you all the best with your fostering experience =] I can't wait to see pics in a few months time!! You'll have to let me know if it is as messy as my landlord seems to assume it is
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Yay! My Chloe was bottle fed by a foster home / rescue group.

I would love to do it but the thought of bottle feeding kittens if it had to be done would be too much for me (I need my sleep!). I think I would have a hard time letting go of kittens too. I would love to foster in the future, just not kittens I don't think.

Post pictures of your foster babies when they start arriving, I love pictures!
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It's really great! I hope you will like (and tell us about) this experience! Share your stories (and pictures) with us when you take home a lucky foster cat!
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I'm so happy for you!!! Please be sure to update us and give us a picture fix now and then!
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