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Sick Betta (Siamese Fighting Fish)

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I know it's a long shot being a cat forum and all but I have to do everything possible for my Betta, Sushi. I've posted on the one board I could find that discusses Betta with not much luck.

Anyway, here's the situation.

Sushi has a liquid-filled tumour, predominantly caused by a bacterial infection. I've just been to the vet only to be told that he hadn't specialised in fish. He normally only does procedures on goldfish. His tummy has swelled to the size of a pea and is see-through when a light is shone through it.

He is able to swim and eat and is rather happy. I even rang up the place from where we got Sushi and the lady couldn't offer any suggestions. She also told me that he could die any day despite being a happy fish.

The vet did suggest placing Sushi in a salt bath to flush out any parasites that may have caused the infection initially. (One teaspoon of salt in one litre of water) I haven't done that yet as I'm still researching the internet on that one.

I'm just wondering whether anyone out there has any suggestions.
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I'm sorry I don't have any suggestions for you at all, but I do hope your little Sushi will get better... it's awful when our babies are sick.
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One of my fish, Thrasher an Albino Catfish, had the same problem. I researched on the internet and found out that it was a disease called "ICK". He eventually healed and is happier than ever!
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I've learned a lot from http://www.fishprofiles.com/. You may have already seen that board. I've learned a lot from reading the posts there about keeping my tropical fish healthy. The same way I've learned so much about my cat from this board since I registered last April- obviously this is my first post.
They have a section called 'labyrinth lounge' for betta questions and another called 'the hospital'. By the way its an Australian owned board
You need to register to post there.
Good luck- my betta is my favourite fish.
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Oh, I wish I had advice. I had a betta once and it looked like he was dying. I don't think it was anything that serious. All I had to do was take a straw and blown bubbles (air) into the water and he felt better a day later. Who knew? I am sending 'get better' vibes to your little pal.
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Have you tried this site?

They're pretty good and have answered all sorts of queries I've had.


Hope this helps
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It sounds like it has the swim bladder disease, which IF caught in time, you can treat it. Try buying some meds that will treat this infection.
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If anyone knows the answer, it'd be Tigger! She's my fish expert!
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I wish I could help you, but I seem to be cursed with fish.

I've ony owned one, it was a beta, got it from a petshop that said he didn't have a fungus, but he got a fungus like 2 or 3 days later, and ultimatly died. I'm still so upset about that. His name was Jengo Nen! :/

I hope you can find something to help him!
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Sorry ive never owned fish

hope sushi gets better
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Sushi doesn't have ick, which is characterized by small white specks. However, salt could be helpful, along with a gradual water change, and a slight rise in temperature (80-82 would be all right, but don't keep it that high consistently. It shortens the life of the fish.) Although Bettas breathe air at the surface, it's still helpful to have more oxygen and cleaner water. When using salt you must use NON-IODIZED only! I'm afraid all you can do is lengthen his life a bit. Good luck They are beautiful fish.
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Yay...after searching I found my thread....you guys talk lots!!!!!


Sushi doesn't have Swim Bladder Disease. He swims fine and has no problems with buoyancy. Like Jeanie G. said, he also doesn't have ick. There's definitely no fungus, thank god.

I've tried the salt bath treatment. I've done a 100% water change. And so far, he's happy blowing bubbles and swimming around happily. He even flares at either of the cats if they decide to sit next to his tank and peer in.

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Yay! Good for Sushi! I think those guys are so pretty, and I love their little nests of bubbles.
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