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Another Stray Furball

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I don't know what it is, but the word has gotten around kitty land where I live. No sooner was there a happy ending with the little kitten, another furball comes to me. And I don't even leave food outside for the strays. (I think my current neighbours would complain as we all do live in an apartment block and can understand their reasons.)

This new one is a male tomcat. He's HUGE. I always thought Russell was big despite him being only a year old. But this new guy was double Russell's height. Russell is about 4 to 5kg, (I think 8 to 10lb in the imperial system...not sure). But the sad thing is that this male is mostly just bone.

Anyway I have seen him before meowing and carrying on. Each time I've tried to approach him but he runs off as anything on two legs is a threat. But last night something different happenned. He came up to our door!!! We had our open door with the flyscreen door closed. And Russell, Esper and him started to sniff each other and talk to each other. No idea what the topic was.

Then I shook a box of nibbles and he perked up at that. He obviously knew that it meant food. So I put some nibbles out on a small plate for him and he devoured that in a matter of seconds. Then I offered some wet cat food, sardines and nibbles all at once on the same plate. (Just a small mountain of food.) And he was happy about that. He ate it all! He even let me pat him. So at some stage he must have been someone's pet and possibly could still be. He does have a collar but no tag. And in this town, it's difficult to tell whether an animal is currently owned, stray or feral.

Anyway, after eating he saunters off into the night leaving me with an empty plate. So I come in and close the door and wash the plate thoroughly. A couple of hours we hear what we thought was someone knocking at the door. My bf goes to open it and the stray is there again. Only this time he wants to talk to Russell and Esper.

They all seem to get along. We can't possibly keep him. We simply don't have the room. We are also moving soon to a 3 bedroom unit. And we're lucky to have two cats allowed on our lease and we're not willing to risk it with a third. *sigh* I do hope this fellow can find me again as it doesn't seem he's been fed elsewhere. I have told him where we are moving to.

And the people who helped last time aren't willing to take an animal with a collar. For them a collar = owned animal.
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So take the collar off. Collar? Nope, he was never wearing a collar! Obviously, if he was at one time owned by someone they aren't caring for him now, poor baby. To me, if he's that skinny he isn't "owned" by anyone.
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I have to agree. His people obviously are no longer around and if they are still there, they shouldn't be allowed to have a cat if he is as skinny as that!
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I agree with Heidi... the cat sure isn't going to mention the collar to them.
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The little big guy is owned after all. Well it seems that way.

I followed him last night despite wind and light sprinkling of rain. I've never realised how hard it is to follow any animal until last night. Hardest point came when I had to stop myself from screaming at the sight of a spider. (I really don't like them.)

Anyway, he jumped into a front yard of a house that keeps a dog out front. At that point I didn't know what to do. I was convinced the dog was going to eat my little guy. (Ok so he's not mine, but he likes me and I feed him so there!!! )

And what did I see when I look in the front yard? The dog and cat sniffing each other. And I know it's not often that this happens so they must live together. Though, I have to admit, I am tempted to relocate the guy to a better new location....say my lounge?

No seriously, I'll try to talk to the owners. See what they have to say for themselves. Just have to convince the dog that I won't harm him.
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Mags - if you speak to those people, you are my hero!!! You've already more than earned your kitty angel wings for sure. But boy - it takes guts to confront people that aren't caring for their animals.

Well - that appear not to be taking care of their animals. It's so hard not to jump to conclusions.

I'm dying to know - what happened?

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Well, the owners live across the road from my current apartment block. After noticing some kids walk in the yard, I'd figured it would be a good opportunity to wander over.

So...I walk over and ask the kids whether they have a cat. Both of the kids immediately had "Uh-oh" looks on their faces. So I quickly assured them that I wasn't complaining about a cat trashing my plants or bashing up my kitties. All I wanted to do was tell the owners that I'd been feeding it for a few nights and that I'm moving out of the area. Luckily the kiddies believed me.

After a brief chat to the kiddies and their mother, I discovered a few things. Their little furball, Gary, used to be an indoor cat. They went for a holiday and left the dog and cat in the care of a house sitter who they thought could trust. Things went horribly wrong. Gary was left outside with the dog. By the time the family came back, Gary was a definite OUTDOOR cat and did not want to be indoors for extended periods of time. Now Gary is quite happy to wander the streets and surrounding bush at night and get into numerous cat fights. The only time when Gary is kept indoors in the bathroom where it is Gary-proof is when the town is on a cyclone, (hurricane), alert.

The reason for his thin appearance is that he has been "missing" for three weeks and has only recently shown up again. They were grateful for me feeding him and were even surprised that I could pat him while he was eating. Normally he doesn't eat while there's people watching him. They're sure that Gary hasn't forgiven them for leaving them with a #@%@&@!! when they went on a holiday. I didn't say much to that, I just didn't know what to say.

So I guess for Gary, it's not all doom and gloom as I first thought. They do intend on getting him neutered sometime soon. And I did happen to notice that they provided cat and dog dishes. Well I suppose there's a happy ending for this kitty too but I will still keep a look out for Gary in my new place.
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Well, I don't know whether to say that this is good nows or bad news. Did they seem to be telling the truth? It does seem a bit detailed for them to be making it up on the spot. But, there really is no excuse for them to have not yet neutered the boy. I hope they do that soon.

Bravo to you for being brave enough (and persistent enough) to find his family and to talk to them about the boy.
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Wow, Mags, way to go!!!! I agree with lotsocats - sounds too detailed to be made up on the spot, but how strange! I hope the little (BIG, sorry) guy is OK once you move. But he really needs to be neutered!!! I know there's nothing you can do about that, but I'll keep him in my prayers. Don't need lots of unwanted kittens around - especially once you move and won't be there to help them!
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We're finally in our new place and Russell and Esper have settled in. They're a wonderful pair. Russell sulked a little about the whole moving thing until he saw the birds and gave the place a thumbs up when he saw a kite, (bird kind ) sitting on one of the air-conditioners.

Ok, about the little guy. He has gone back to our old place as we go back at night to grab the last of our odds and ends...tonight WILL be the last trip. We have a lot of junk it seems. He does seem a bit more solid than the last time I saw him. I didn't see him last night though. Even at the new place I keep a look out for him, just in case it's in his roaming territory. *sigh*

I'm not too sure why they haven't neutered him yet. I didn't want to press the issue at the time. I was lucky in that they talked to me instead of getting hostile and telling me to go away. I wasn't going to delve into the area of what should be done despite how much I wanted to. *sigh*
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I'm glad things are going well with the move. I'm also glad to hear the "little" guy appears to be getting food.

You've done the right thing, Mags. I don't know how you can force the issue. If you REALLY want to, you can head over to SpayUsa and print out this page for them and just slip it into an envelope or something - leave it anonymously.

Just a thought.

Here's the link: SpayUsa.org Resources If you scroll down the page, you'll see the "download information on Cat Overpopulation." It's an eye-opener!
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Well...I've been back since and my old neighbours know I'm checking on the cat and not casing the place to break in.

I've seen Gary but he doesn't want to approach us anymore. He comes close though but stays out of reach. He has put on so much weight and looks much healthier. Yay!!

Sad thing is, I don't think the family has any intention of getting him neutered. He's still running around and fighting other cats. The owners of the other cats talked to me about it thinking I was the owner. I'm hoping these people now will talk to the actual owners about it. Maybe then, Gary will be neutered. On the other hand if they decide to let Gary fend for himself, I'm going to go get him.
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it sounds like he is doing alot better
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