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Kittens growth chart? Large kitten?

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Does anyone know of any growth charts that would give an idea of how big a kitten will end up being, given their weight/growth? The only growth charts I could find were either for baby kittens or for Maine Coons which I believe grow at a different rate so their growth chart is probably not accurate for a "regular" cat.

I have a large kitten who weighs 5.65 pounds at around 15 weeks old. I'm trying to get an estimate of what his adult weight might be. We're sure his age is pretty correct because my vet estimated his age when I rescued him, and then from that point I tracked his teeth development which was correct for normal development if he was the age the vet had given. I also asked the vet at our last appointment to take a look at his teeth to reconfirm his age and she said their development was right on track for a 12-14 week old kitten. I've heard that kittens generally gain about a pound per month, but looking at his weight records, he's been gaining double that-- but he's not chubby.
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He's almost 4 months old at 15 weeks - and about a pound and a half heavier.

I think Charlie was about a pound heavier then his age (didn't write it down)

Your kitten will probably go a good 13 lbs, maybe a bit more. Do you have some pictures so we can tell his size/boning?
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I don't have a growth chart (but would love to see if one if someone has one). It does sound like you cat will be a larger cat when an adult.

Chloe is going to be 6 months next week and still weighs less than 5 lbs. I think she is closer to 4 lbs than to 5 lbs (I'm not sure what her exact weight is). I think she is just going to be a smaller cat when full grown.
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My Runt Kitten is almost 6 Pounds and is just a little over 5 Months. My Sistser said her Brother is way bigger then her but weighs less and her Sister is too. My Kitten was half the size of the others when I got her. I would love to see a Growth Chart too and have been trying to fine one.
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I'll see if I can get a better photo of him, but this is the most recent photo I have, from Sunday.
I'm not sure how to measure him (length) but he is REALLY long when he stretches out! I've been stretching him in my arms because I've seen them do that in cat shows (I'm entering him in one) and he just S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-S!

Here is a pic from a week or so ago:
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He is cute. He looks like Pancake the Sister of my Oreo. I can not tell how big he will be from the Pics.
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I'll try to take a photo of him with me or something, so it's easier to tell his size.
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i suspect 13-14lb
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When my female kitten was exactly 3 months old she weighed 3 lbs 2 oz
and on her 4 month b'day she weighed 4 lbs 10 oz. and she's not fat.
February 26 is SPAY DAY and I'm taking advantage of the
I'm wondering what she will weigh by then.
A chart would be great......
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My girl has been pretty much a pound a month, the boys were always above that. Farley is 9 months and 12.5lbs.
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Yoshi was my biggest Cat at 14 Pounds.
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I wonder the same thing about my Ty. She is 6 months and is over 8 pounds.
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My kitties are 16 weeks old and are almost 5 1/2lbs! I thought that was insane, but they're not fat! Your kitty is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Just a goergous kitty!!
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I remember when my babies (sisters) were 5.5 mo old, Marbs, who is very muscular, weighed 7.6 lb, and Mia, who is flimsy and soft, was 6 lb. No idea what they are now, I will find out next mo at their 1 yr checkup. I would guess Marbs is about 12-13 and Mia is 9-10.
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My Kitten was born Aug 29th and is 5.11 Pounds now. She is the Runt of the Litter. I wonder how big she wil get? When we went to the Bay Area to get her she was half the size of the other Kittens that were there. I have heard Fcks can stunt their Growth. Her Sister Pancae has it worse then my Oreo but is bigger then her.
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We went to the vet today for some vaccines. Church now weighs around 6.5 pounds at ~18 weeks old, so he is still gaining nearly a pound every 2 weeks.
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I really couldn't help here. Buster's growth made no sense.

We were convinced he was going to be a small cat because he was barely growing. We had him on the best kitten formulas and everything, so we knew he was getting enough nutrients. He was very healthy and everything, he just wasn't growing. He was only around three or four pounds at 5 months. He was very lean and lanky.. And just a little squirt. Then he hit 7 months and had a growth spurt that was almost scary, and he grew a spare tire. He went from a little lanky thing to a big, chubby ball. He's not even a year yet, and he's already 10+ lbs. Once he loses the spare tire, he'll probably be a pound or two less, though. Darn my boyfriend getting lazy with the feedings.

But yeah, growth is crazy. He was at one point half the length of my thigh, and then BOOM. I can't even lay him on his back on my legs like I used to when he was 5 months and below. I was sad. But I still love my baby.
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aww! hee looks like a brown version of Shermie!! When Shermie was 4 months, he was about 5 lbs. And now at 10 mos he's just about over 10 lbs. (That's how big Luna was when I adopted her at 1 yr 1/2). Shermie's already taller than her (and longer) So, I think yours may be bigger (what everyone else said around 13lb, maybe slightly more?) I don't know anything about showing cats though, never looked into it myself. Good luck!
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shinobi is 8 months and weighs just over 9lb and milo is a year old and weighs around 6. they both eat the same amount too.

i thought shinobi was large for his age but obviously not! he does have more of a british blue shape whereas milo looks more siamese. i guess that would make a difference too. also i saw both milo's parents and they were quite small too.

big or small they are all perfect!
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At what age are they considered "full grown" and won't be putting on much more weight? (unless fattened up with feedings....)
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Well, we were at the vet again today for more boosters. Church's upper canine teeth are just starting to come in, but his baby teeth are still there so right now he has double canines! It looks really odd. The teeth are right on for him being 18-20 weeks old.
His weight at the vet today was 7.4 pounds so he is STILL growing at his same rate of 2 pounds a month.
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I am in trouble now. I put Oreo on the food scale and it broke. Iwas trying to see how much she weighs. My Husband thinks the Battery is the ploblem but its Oreo.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
I am in trouble now. I put Oreo on the food scale and it broke. Iwas trying to see how much she weighs. My Husband thinks the Battery is the ploblem but its Oreo.
personally, i always weigh mine by holding them & weighing us both, then deducting my weight.
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I remember when Ramsay was around that age we were afraid he was going to be some sort of giant. He was having some ear trouble, so we were going to the vet every other week for and every time we went he was 1.5lbs heavier than he was the last time! He went from 4lbs-9lbs practically in the blink of an eye. Then all of a sudden he stopped and he put on only about 2lbs total over a span of about 6-8 months and he's 11lbs.
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Originally Posted by Ashley45 View Post
At what age are they considered "full grown" and won't be putting on much more weight? (unless fattened up with feedings....)
about 18 months i think.
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Your kitten is just beautiful! He does seem like he will be a fairly "long" cat, but not necessarily bulky. To see what milestones to expect as he grows, I recommend this illustrated kitten growth chart:


Keep us posted on him as he grows up!

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My kitten is not even five months old for another week, and he just weighed in at slightly over 10 lbs.  He's a Savannah kitten, F5, and he's growing rapidly. He is not overweight at all.  He gets neutered in January.  I wonder often how big he will get. 


My other kitten is 10 months and 9lbs, average cat sized.  My 4 3/4 month old 10 pounder outgrew him already. 

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Marcell is now 11.5 pounds.  He was five months the 7th.

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Originally Posted by Renee Red Bluff View Post

 I wonder often how big he will get. 



Have you asked the breeder? She should have an idea of roughly how big her cats tend to get. 

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Hi everyone!


My wife and I have a gorgeous Gray Cat named "MoMo" and at 8 months of age he already weighs 14 pounds and measures 31+" from nose to tip of tail. Can anyone tell me how big he will get once he stops growing? We have a White Long haired Male Persian Cat named "Frankie Five Angels" that is 9 years old and MoMo is Bigger than Frankie. "MoMo" true to His name is always hungry and dominates the feeding bowls. We have a total of three cats and "MoMo" doesn't allow any of them to eat until he has fully satisfied himself. Its crazy!!!




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