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Brushing cats

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I have 2 long haired cats, what is a good comb/brush? Not brand wise but like bristle hardness, width of comb teeth ect.

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I would just use combs on longhair cats - get a fine-toothed one and a second one with medium/wide teeth. I have one comb that has half as medium width, half as wider spaced. But you really should have one fine-toothed comb cause that really does the best job after all mats/tangles are out

Here's some examples:

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I just use a comb on my longhaired cats. I also have a rubber slicker brush that I use after the comb.
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My cat has a ridiculous amount of hair, and if I don't comb it regularly enough she gets dreadlocks and I have to cut them out!

But when I am being good and combing her regularly, I just use a simple little black hair comb made by Goody. I'm talking about the kind you can get for about a dollar at a drug store. I get the ones that are fine-tooth on one side with bigger, wider spaced teeth on the other side.

It works great! I have tried fancy expensive cat combs from Petsmart and whatnot, and they don't work at all compared to this.
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