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Auto cat box? Tired of dusty litter

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Ive got six cats and just moved so theyre all inside cats now (went potty outside before) and the cat litter is soo dusty and all the cats smell like cat litter dust (blech!) so Im thinking Im gonna try an auto cleaning box. Anyone had any experience with one? Or maybe a less dusty litter? Im heading to pet stores tomorrow, Ive heard about worlds best cat litter that Im gonna look for. But Im just wondering if auto scooping boxes work very well and if theyre worth the money.
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I had the littermaid auto cat box and I liked how it worked, the only thing I did'nt like was having to get more of the plastic things that you take out when they get full, but that is mostly cause I don't drive and the store that carried them was in another town, I have thought about getting another one.
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I got this one: http://www.litter-robot.com/ . I have respiratory issues, and I adore this box . I got a reconditioned one, and have had no problems with it. It also has an 18 month warranty, and a "if you or your cat doesn't like it" guarantee, to return it (I forget for how long, but it was very reasonable), plus tips on how to get your cats to use it, etc.. And it uses regular kitchen trash bags- nothing special to buy for it .

This is a good site to research automatic litterboxes (someone on here recommended it to me, and it was great in helping me decide which one was best for me). www.litterboxcentral.com
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I just got my Litter Robot on Tuesday! Two cats are using it, one left to convert!

I researched the Littermaid for years but the reviews are so awful that I couldn't bring myself to spend that much money on something that so many people had problems with. I spend 2 or 3 months reading about the Litter Robot before buying it. The few people that gave it bad ratings were mostly that they couldn't get their cats to use it, and that's not the product's fault.

Back to your original question, though, switching litters might just be all you need to do. Feline Pine is another one I've heard alot about. WIth 6 cats, though, the Litter Robot might be a good investment!
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