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Re adjusting a new cat to the home

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We are new owners of a 1.5 year old beautiful male Maine Coon, his original owners needed to rehome him as he was attacking his mother. We know that Maine Coons can be a bit nervous of new people, however we now need to ask for any help in getting him to accept us and his new home.

We have had him for a week now and he will not come out from under the bed. He only comes out at night when we are asleep, or to use his litter tray. I have lay there talking to him and playing with him with one of his favourite toys. He allows me to stroke him under the bed.

We know that it may take a while for him to come around but are looking for any ideas to help. We do not bother him too much as we dont want to put him through too much stress. I am waiting for a delivery of Feliway which is suppose to help relax him and help him through this process.

I have got him to take some of his food from my hand and not tried to do anythink, just so he can see he can trust us. He has eatten the food but still will not come out.

Any advise and help anyone can give us, will be greatly appreciated.

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Bless you for taking on this fur baby.

Don't despair - a week isn't a long time really. When we got Simba he immediately went behind our head board (water bed) and stayed there for 4 full weeks (we confined him to the one room which is the best way to try to socialize your kitty). As with your cat he would only come out to eat, drink and use the litter if we were not in the room or were asleep. We took turns spending evenings sitting on the bed talking softly to him, or I would read my book or watch TV. I would occasionally drop a treat down to him. We bought a wand toy to try to get him to play.

Finally on the 4th week, he allowed me to touch him and for the next week he would come out but only for me and wouldn't let any other family members touch him unless I was holding their hand. After that 5th week I opened the bedroom door and allowed him to explore at his own pace and as he was comfortable. By the end of that week he would come all the way downstairs to the family room. From then on he became the biggest lapcat and lovey kitty you could ask for. He loved to be carried around in our arms like a baby and didn't even mind being held upside down.

Just have patience, speak softly, spend time in his room with him, play some classical music, but DON'T force him out of hiding. Let him come to you in his own time when he is comfortable. It will be worth it in the long-term.
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Thank you for your reply, its nice to know that all I am doing is what people would advise us to do. He has taken to me more than my partner, which is a shame because we did get him for my partner more than me. However its nice to know that we are not the only ones. Its not just myself and my partner he will be getting use to either, we have two yorkies, They are old and not excitable, the youngest just wants to see what all the fuss is about, the other one couldnt care less. They are both just wondering why they cant sleep with us at the moment. So I think it might take a while longer for him to get use to the dogs lol. I will continue to do what I am and hope that he will come around.

Thank you again.

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