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strange scratching

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Hey guys!
Just realized this morning that I could message here and see if anyone knew what was up with Dynah's new behaviour.
For a number of months now Dynah has been spontaneously scratching on my walls. I don't mean on the corners, and I don't mean with intention of sharpening nails...she just gets really excited and stretches up, running her claws over the paint. It sounds like nails on a chalkboard, which can get annoying. I've noticed the behaviour happening more often lately, and it's definately not a negative reaction, nor is it attention seeking...
In fact, it appears to be connected to another behaviour of hers, which is pawing at anything that contains a reflection (bathtub, mirrors, my computer monitor). She will also spend hours during the night pawing in the window above my bed...I hear "squeak squeak squeak" from the condensation on my window and her paws all night!
I don't intend on stopping it, as she seems happy when she does it, I was just wondering What the heck!?!
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Wow - I have no answers for you. Perhaps her behaviors have a neurotic basis?
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She's looking for interaction; thus the interest in reflective surfaces. She wonders if all surfaces do this. The window, at night, is probably reflective.

She's asking for the kinds of toys which react when she paws at them. See if you can get her some. Often these cats love the shiny metallic toys, or the ones with shiny tentacles, made of that thin mylar.

You can distract her from what is a frustrating interaction by giving her something that will interact with her.
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Maybe she wants a playmate, and can see one in the shiny places... a younger male might be the thing!
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You're right about her enjoying interactive toys...she has a door hanger toy she loves loves loves (times a million) and plays with that a lot. She used to like those mylar balls, but has given them up for drinking straws many months ago (she plays fetch with them, I don't understand it but I do blame my boyfriend for bringing over fast food when we first started dating).
She does have a playmate Chester is 3 now, but they spend a good portion of their day chasing and rolling around. They're actually at it right now Of course she always has me too...we play tag and cuddle and play fetch (for up to an hour at a time!)
Maybe I'll pick up a few more shiny toys this weekend when I run over to petsmart for catfood. It wouldn't hurt anything!
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