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Lost cat behavior

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I've lost my cat three days ago. I need to know lots about cat behavior, so I'm asking everywhere.
She remained all night in a very deep hole, not wanting to come out. Being desperate, I made a few mistakes and could not get her out.

We live in a apartment building neighbourhood.
We found her the next evening two blocks away, looking for a spot to hide. We believe she may have been chased by a dog from our block. When she saw us she didn't know how to react. We could easily tell that she recognized us, but was very scared; she eventually ran away. We tried catching her, but we weren't too aggressive, and she was faster.
After a few hours, we saw her on the top of a small storage barrack. When she saw us, she jumped right inside. We saw her inside with another cat, most probably a male.
Unfortunately, we couldn't find anyone to open the darn thing until morning.
We found her companion, but not her.
And this was last night. We searched for her all day, but found no trace.

Is it possible that she is still in there? I went and cried for her several times, but there was no reply.

We are a bit desperate. We're from Romania, and there are absolutely no authorities that can help. I really need to know where to search, and how. I realize now that I made mistakes, and without them, we might have had her until now. We slowly recover from panic and try to ignore the fatigue.

Thank you for any answer
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www.lost-pets.org hope it helps find your kitty
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