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Rowdy demands her dog!

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Rowdy was following me around, rubbing against me and yowling, at the top of her lungs. I checked the food and water levels - they were OK. What could she want?

We went out into the Arizona room and she ran to the back door, still meowing and back to me. She, then jumped onto the windowsill, still carrying on. I, finally, figured it out - she wanted me to let the dogs in! She and Pearl were pawing and nosing on opposite sides of the window. When I let them in, she and Pearl commenced their evening romp and Rowdy shut up.

Demanding little witch!
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LOL! Pepper does the exact same thing! Whenever Bella is outside Pepper gets up on the windowsill to the back yard and paws and paws at it until Bella is done her business and starts pawing back through the window. It's so cute, well - except that Bella is a little big to be jumping and pawing at my window but so far I've just had a muddy window and no accidents.
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We leave the dogs out, all day. Rowdy will sit in the windowsills and she and the dogs paw at each other. This is the first time, though, that rowdy has bugged me to let them in.

We bring the dogs in, around 7-7:30, to give everyone some playtime, before bed.
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Oh wow. Well Bella wouldn't stand to be outside all day unless we put the couch and blankets out there with her! LOL! I think danes in general are inside dogs, and Bella certainly is. She goes out to do her business and do a lap or two around the yard and then it's back to the couch! This is excluding walks and going to the beach and park of course! It is really neat though to have both a dog and a cat (or multiples of each in your case!). I never knew how entertaining they would be together.
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Ike and Pearl are much too active, to stay in all day. The morning romp commences, as soon as their breakfast is done. That lasts until around 7:00 a.m. They then spend a couple of hours, lying in the sun and digging holes. Pearl is eating our young trees and dragging gardening stuff all over the yard.

If the neighbor cats are outside, Ike and Pearl spend some time, trying to get Toby and Oscar to come over and play. T & O are not interested. Then, its afternoon romp time, more lying in the sun and, if Bill isn't watching, more hole-digging.

When we let them in, Ike gets in a few slobbers, on Rowdy and then curls up on "his" couch, for the rest of the night. Pearl and Rowdy carry on, for an hour or so and Pearl snuggles with me, for a bit. Then, its into her crate, for the night. We still have nighttime potty issues.
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