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Goodness, we just witnessed a take down by cops

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Went into town to get tacos for dinner, and while we were in the drive through, across the street all these cops started appearing from the middle of nowhere! Sheriffs, and State Police, and town cops some on foot, others in cars just rushing in on this house! No sirens, though lights and this man and woman come rushing out of the house, round the corner and are met with a shotgun aimed right at their chests. At first, it looked like the man was going to rush the cops, but he finally laid down and they took him into custody after a scuffle ensued. The woman was led away at gun point and when we left the cops had again surrounded the house with guns drawn.

And who says country living is quiet?
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This makes twice, in the last few months, that you've had that kind of excitement, doesn't it?
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We had one 50 ft. outside of school a few weeks ago. Three guys in a stolen vehicle. It was quite the scene while I was on morning duty.
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It was pretty scary- and yes it wasn't that long ago that the cops converged on our place in the middle of the night, and found the bad guy hiding underneath a trailer. It really used to be a nice quiet place to live. Need to finish remodeling and get the heck out of Dodge!

boy it would help if I could spell tonight!
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Hissy.... How far are you from Portland?
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OMG!! that is so scary!! that never happens here!
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We are about 3 hours from Portland
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Yikes! That does sound scary!
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I feel your pain Hissy... I thought by moving to a small town(Springfield) I would get rid of the big city (chicago) problems. I was sadly mistaken though.
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Good to hear you weren't involved in the police action directly.

Small town living? *sigh*

I live in a VERY small town, less than 15 000 people. And so far in our apartment block alone, three cars have had their windows two nights ago. No one hear anything, not even us and we were awake till 2am in the morning. And last week, a car was stolen.

Sad thing is, we know that it was probably teenagers that did it all. But other than that, it's quiet if you don't notice the police patrols in our area now.
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yikes thats scary!!!!
i have seen cops search peoples vehicles outside our place.
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We're pretty lucky, our neighborhood is quiet. Most of the bad stuff happens on the South Side. That's where most of the gangs are. Betwen the dogs and Neighborhood Watch, I don't worry much.
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