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We lost our Taffy to a Blood Clot (long thread)

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We lost our 5 year old Turkish Van named Taffy to a blood clot.

It was sudden and very distressing. Taffy was regularly checked at the vets so we were happy knowing that he was a fit young cat. Full of energy and always supprising us with his antics. From biting my partner toes gentley to wake him up and feed him, sleeping in the bathroom sink to bringing in little friends (mice) for us etc.

It was a normal day nothing had happened out of the norm, I had given Taffy his evening meal, after having his food he went to his litter tray to releaved himself. As perusual he then came into the living room and plonked himself down by my partners chair back legs up over his head to wash himself. This was his normal routine after eatting, suddenly he started to make this awful mewwing sound, one I had never heard before and do not want to hear again. I instantly moved over to him, not knowing what to do I felt useless I did not know whether to pick him up or what and then he tried to move. I noticed that he was not moving his back legs. The noise he was making was awful and I could tell he was in a lot of discomfort and I knew somethink was terribly wrong. Instantly I called our vets and took him over, All the time worrying as his owner (his daddy) my partner was not at home.

When I entered the vets they took me into a consulting room right away no waiting. Taffy was very agitated and the vet evaluated his condition. His rear legs were stiff and cold, and no pulses could be detected in the arteries that supply his rear limbs. He told me that the signs were very suggestive of a blood clot disrupting the flow of blood to his rear legs. He explained that these blood clots tend to originate from a larger clot residing within the heart and that a part must of dislodged and travelled down to his back, hence the blood clot now causing the problem. He told me that the prognosis for this was not good. I broke down and wondered how I was going to tell my partner, Taffy was his baby. I had to leave the room as the vet said it would be kinder to put him to sleep. I explained that, this was not for me to say as Taffy was my partners cat. I left the room thinking how I was going to tell Ken (my partner.)

I tried to compose myself and rang Ken when he answered the phone all I could get out was "Ken Taffy is in the vets, hes in a bad way" but I broke down again. The vetinary nurse took over and explained that he should come to the vets as soon as possible.

When ken turned up he was panicing as he did not know what to expect. He was brought into the consultation room and the Vet explained what was wrong. He looked at me as if to say what did you do. I told him what happened inbetween outbrakes of tears. Ken then realised that I had done nothing and had acted as quickly as was possible.

Ken was not willing to put Taffy down right there and then, he was too upset. So eventually we left. In total silence we drove home. He said Im not putting him down if we can beat this. Upon getting into the house he opened up his laptop and started searching for information on Taffy's condition. He read on a site that a drug called "heparin" could be given to dissolve the clot together with pain killers to help with the discomfort Taffy was in. To Ken money was no object he wanted to do what he could for his beloved Taffy, I was with him every step of the way. We would try to do as much as we could for him and not give in because it was the cheaper option, if there was a chance however slim it was, we were Vet the next day and was told that yes they could give him Heparin, but he explained in all his years of being a Vet this has never worked and always resulted in the cat being put down. Ken said but theres a chance he might come throught this with this injection right. The Vet said yes there have been cases he has read of that this has worked. That was all Ken needed to know. For the next 5 days Ken kept telling the Vet to keep trying and every day he would call us telling us that there was no change. On the fifth day the Vet called and told us that he was not willing to continue with the Heparin treatment, as Taffy was showing no signs of improvement, he explained that there was no plus or blood supply going to the back legs and that gangreen was starting to set in. Ken agreed to let Taffy go.

It was like loosing a part of us, Ken cried every night looking at his picture (The one above) for the best part of two weeks. Eventually started to get better, after some time things started to get back to normal, as normal as they could be but there was a big hole in our lives. We will always remember our Taffy boy and could never think of getting another Turkish Van, as we both felt that we could not replace a him with another Turkish Van.

Couple of months on and without knowing both of us were secretly holding the need to have another cat, without my knowledge ken had been looking at breeds on the internet, and reading up on them. One night he said to me Babe I want another cat, I smiled and said me too. Ken then told me that he had been looking at all these different breeds and the only breeds that seemed to share Taffys temperment and mannerisums were, Norwiegen Forest Cats and Maine Coons. After further reading up we decided we would get a Maine coon.

We now have a healthly, vet checked Maine Coon who has had a cardiac ultrasound to check his heart.

We think he is handsome and fell in love with him when we saw him.

He is 1.5 years old and just joined our family a week ago. His birthday is on the 23rd of Feb 2008.

We love you Taffy and will always do so. good bless you. I hope anyone who reads this thread will realise that you may think that your cat is healthy, and he/she may well be, a cardiac ultrasound is is not cheap but well worth it, I would not want anyone to go through what Taffy and we did.
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It is so difficult when a cat is suddenly struck down.
You honor Taffy's memory by sharing what happened with us.
I offer my deepest sympathy for your loss.

Rest in peace sweet Taffy.
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So sorry to hear about the loss of your cat, but happy to hear that you have a new kitty to love.
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So sorry about your Cat. I know how you feel I just lost two. Yoshi we knew was dying but Stormy was so sudden. I am here for you if you ever need to talk about it.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest In Peace Taffy.
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Thank you for your kind words, you can imagine that while writting this thread I was in tears again. But understand that even though it was hard for me to tell you his story, it might help other people to think, that getting your little four legged friend check out for his sake might be expensive but worthwhile. Id rather have that bill of health than put another cat or us through that again.
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RIP Taffy.
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I am so sorry about your loss. it is never easy. I lost my baby boy about a month ago (tomorrow will be one month) and it is still hard for me. I cry almost every day. there is no easy heal but time does heal wounds. hes in a better place playing with my baby boy Billy.
Again im sorry for your loss. be strong....for taffy
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I'm so sorry about Taffy. I also lost a cat to Cardiomyopathy and they didn't find the heart murmor until about 2 weeks after he started to go lame. His clot wasn't as severe as your Taffy's. You are a strong person for posting his story and I do hope it serves as a reminder to folks to monitor for heart conditions.

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It is hard to get over, I told my partner about my writing the thread last night when he came in from work, and then sent the link to his laptop. I said I dont think you should read it, it might upset you, but then again I think you have a right to know what I have written.

Ken read it later on in the evening and, he was really upset. He said you wrote a good thread it says what happened but it hurts to read it. He smiled and said you were upset writing it, I know as I lost count of the spelling errors. lol We both just hope that it might help others to check their cats heart conditions.

We thank you all for your kindness and good wishes.

Thank you
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I'm so sorry for your loss of Taffy What a gorgeous boy he is, and it's very clear that you both loved your little boy so much

Your new little boy is just as gorgeous so i hope you have many happy years with him

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I am so sorry for your loss. It is never easy when we loose on of our fur children, and having it happen suddenly only adds to the pain. It is good you gave yourself time to grieve. No cat will ever be your precious Taffy, but you beautiful new baby will have a good life and be loved very much.

R.I.P. Hansome Taffy. You were and always will be loved.
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Oh, I am so sorry. I can tell by your post how much you and Ken cared for Taffy. What a heartbreaking ordeal

May Taffy rest in peace
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I am so sorry for this terrible, sudden loss. I feel for you in this time of sorrow.

In deepest sympathy,

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I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your handsome boy. Rest in Peace Taffy.
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Originally Posted by xocats View Post
It is so difficult when a cat is suddenly struck down.
You honor Taffy's memory by sharing what happened with us.
I offer my deepest sympathy for your loss.

Rest in peace sweet Taffy.
all of what she said... & please tell us your new furbaby's name!
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Thank you for your kind words it is greatly appreciated. My new babies name is Tiny it is a play on words as being a male Maine Coon he can reach upto and sometime beyound 15Kg in weight. I have put pictures of him in the original thread.
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I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Taffy was a beautiful cat *HUGS*

Rest in Peace Taffy!
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Rest in Peace Precious Taffy
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i am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful boy. RIP taffy.
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RIP Precious Taffy!! Play peacefully over the bridge!!

Im sorry about your loss, its never easy...
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Oh im so sorry about your cat i cried as i read your post as thats exactly what happened to my george 2 weeks ago today , the cry like you say is one i never want to hear again ,his back legs were cold with no pulse . it was horrible i feel so much for you
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What a wonderful tribute to Taffy - you and your partner sound like wonderful people, trying everything you could to save him. I am so sorry for your loss - especially since the loss was so sudden. I also wanted to add that you new baby is very striking RIP Taffy
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Hi to you all and thank you for all your sympathetic posts, im Ken by the way taffy's dad for 5 years, its nice to know there are animal lovers out there that really care and dont just say put the animal down and give up. These little animals are part of our family lives not just pets and deserve all we can do for them, its a shame some times we have to let them go as we are not purrrfect and unfortunatly cant cure all that ails them.

I only wish I knew of Taffy's silent killer desease, he may have been here for a few years more with the help of early treatment.

Taffy was a boisteruos cat and had a active, fore filed life, I would say he lived a fast energetic life and sadly died young.

I feel sorry for any one that has to go through this with any animal, This is a devastating way for a loved one to go.

Rainbow Bridge bye bye Taffy
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