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I read your posting there. Thank you! Anne asked me to post this on other forums for people to see. She has plans to turn this poem into a teeshirt with kitties all over it.
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Ooh a teeshirt with your poem on it, you must feel so honored hissy !

Anne have you considered printing it on a big long nightshirt-style t-shirt?
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that's great hissy, WOW!!!

hey, what about baby-tee's as well? i'd definitley buy one of those,
but, i dont generally wear regular t-shirts, they dont seem to fit
the way i like - then again, i would consider it if there were no baby-tees

i read that poem twice, hissy! in the Literature Forum and here,
i loved it twice, too

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I think I can have them on baby tees as well and I'll also have a long-sleeve version!

I just got an email from that company saying this may be possible sooner than I thought. I'll go work on the design!
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Oh I want one too!!!!! Let us know Anne when it is ready!!!
And Blue....what is a baby Tee? I get the feeling you don't mean a t-shirt for babies...LOL

I like big, big t-shirts, to cover all the flaws....LOL
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See Blue... another one in common
I love baby tee's, so much better than t-shirts.
They are not as bulky!

Hi Debby, I can answer the baby tee
question for you... Nope not for
babies LOL :laughing2 They are a
smaller shirt than a t-shirt.
They fit a little snugger!

Thanks Hissy for writing this
beautiful poem. Just think tons
of people will be walking around
with your poem on their shirt!!
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Thanks swalker for clearing that up!!!!
They are obviously made for women who have nothing to hide.

* maybe in my younger days...... sigh* LOL
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