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I have 20, and 1 foster cat.
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Originally Posted by kittycorner View Post
Squeeker is 2
We have a Squeaker too!!!! She was a big whiner as a baby. So hubby dubbed her! Gotta love it
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This may be a trick question....

We currently have 3 cats. Willow, Roly and Squeaker.

However, we are also fostering a long-haired tortie, who we call Twix. She just had a litter of 5 on St Patrick's day.

So currently there are 9 felines in the house.

I SO want to adopt Twix after her litter is weaned and she is spayed. But am still working on hubby for that... What's one more right????

But I am slowly falling in love with one of the kittens too.... oh the horrors!

The side-effect of fostering... my hubby warned me about this...
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I only have one permanent cat at the moment. I have one long term foster, who isnt likely to go anywhere, and 4 fosters looking for homes - they are all over the age of 8 though, so might be here a while (well, 2 already have!!). I am quite good at not keeping fosters, althoguh i suspect one of the ones here is going to be a very long term - she is 15, and has found the upheaval very hard, so whether it is fair to move her again I dont know.
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Linus is 2 ...and Harold is 14
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I have 4, all under the age of 2!! Katie, Sassy, Prince and Abby!!
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can't remember posting here... i have 5 at the present time. they're in my avatar, along w/my RB kitty, Mouse.
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I have 2 cats; their first birthday is next weekend.
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I have only my two boys, Quincy, (age 10) and Quasar (age 6). If it were up to me, I'd have an entire houseful, but my husband would probably disown me!
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I have one cat Patches who lives in Illinois still.... My ex-roomate has custody of her right now while I am up here in AZ for now. She is in my siggy. She also turned 12 last sunday (easter).
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theres 2 in the house. chloe is mine; patches is moms but she likes me more
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one kitty is all I want or need, she has such a HUGE personality
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I only have my one here at home...thou at the shelter I have about 25+
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Two big friendly boys -- am considering getting a third or possibly a dog within the next year.
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