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Ok, I just thought i'd throw this out there for fun (not to mention I need to know that I'm not being paranoid.) So today at work a woman's car was stolen from right in front of the building. She went to leave & found both her car & her keys missing. It's unclear as to exactly what she did with her keys, if she left them in the car, dropped them while getting out of the car, or had them in her coat pocket. There were two guys that were in our office today looking for applications & were sent to the other office where the HR department is. Well no one ever showed up to fill out an application today, so there is always the possiblity that because there was no one out front & the person who sent them to the other building, happend upon them on accident that if the keys were in her coat pocket they went in the pocket looking for cash & found the keys. At any rate, I work alone in the office from the time the last perosn leaves between 5 - 5:30 usually until 8 at night. Well at this point there is no plan to change the locks, despite the fact that I have made it known that I am uncomfortable with the fact that we don't know who has this key & I'm here alone at night. The decision was that because this person was parked in visitor parking they would not think of trying the keys out here. While I do understand this somewhat I think that trying to rationalize a criminals mind is stupid & playing with fire. So here's my question is my being creeped out & worried about my safety over reacting, or would you feel the same way? (keeping in mind that I am a woman working alone in an office after dark, but that there is a plant full of men working just down stairs)
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No matter who is working downstairs, a woman can't be too careful. A co-worker told me that a few years ago, a lady was working the front desk of an office not too far from where I work, and got raped in the middle of the day! Nope, you are perfectly justified in feeling uncomfortable and your employers should do something to make the place more secure and you more comfortable.

From a business standpoint, does it make sense to have your employee spend the last 3 hours of the day paranoid about every noise? No one can be productive in that environment. (Give them that argument, that may help. )
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Several years ago, my mother was mugged in the elevator of the building in which she worked. It was a pretty new building, and the only occupied floors were the 7th and the 9th. When this guy got in the elevator, he pressed 7, so she thought he was legit. As the elevator approached 7, he stepped up to her, punched her right in the face, grabbed her purse, and ran. He broke her nose with one shot. It was obvious that this guy had cased the building to know what was what.

I would make an issue about this. Your safety should be the paramount concern.
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No, you're not being paranoid. Anytime that key are missing, there is the potential for misuse.

Get yourself a can of pepper spray and one of those battery-powered screeching alarms. Make sure that someone walks you to your car, after work.
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You are absolutely not being paranoid. It is obvious to me that the keys were stolen from the office - she may have left them in her coat pocket. I would demand! that the locks be changed.

I had a similar circumstance years ago in a store where I worked. People came in an open back door, and stole a purse. We called the police, and a locksmith, and did not leave that night until all of the locks had been changed. Not only is that a security risk for your personal safety, it is idiotic to leave that as a risk for theft for the company. In fact, if we had not had the locks changed, and something had been stolen, our insurance company would not have covered the theft. You might want to mention that to your bosses as well. There is a huge liability risk here if they do not get new locks immediately.
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I think your perfectly right to be abit paranoid.

One of my mums friends daughters once took her car in to have its MOT gave that man at the garage her bunch of keys that had the car key, house key etc on it.

Little did she know that while she was shopping (waiting for them to finish her car) they were copy cutting her house key.

Later that night the man from the garage let himself into her apartment, raped her and stole her purse on the way out.

My view is you can never be too careful. I would not be happy if I had to be on my own at work and not know who could walk in thru the door.

I say your right and should sick to ur guns girl.

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Your employers should be doing everything in their power to ensure your safety, especially if you are left alone. That is only common sense. The fact that you are uncomfortable and afraid and brought it to their attention without them doing anything would make me wonder about them. They SHOULD be doing something. I would insist on it.And no....you are definately not being paranoid.
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Dear god. It amazes me that they wouldn't change the locks. I mean I have to pratically jump through hoops to get in and out of my building.

I don't think you are being paranoid about it at all. As an employee it is their responsibility to keep you safe. You mentioned an HR department, it might be wise to take the issue up with them. I know where I work, any type of personal problem (worry over ones safety in this case) is addressed by HR. Go for it, something should be done.

In the meantime, safe thoughts coming your way.
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I don't think you are being paranoid. Years ago I went into work in the morning and found a colleague unconscious and bleeding on the floor - she had been raped and beaten. She was the first to arrive, and found the door unlocked. She locked the door and went to her office. I was the second to arrive, and found the door ajar, so someone must have been lurking inside when she got there. Our employer was slow to have the locks changed, so I took my very large, very protective shepherd to work and we let him roam until it was done.
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I want to thank everyone for their support, especally after the conversation I had today. The woman who had her car stolen basicly yelled at me saying I had nothing to be afraid of & that she was parked in visitor parking so there was no way they were coming back, while at the same time another woman told me they weren't coming back because there was nothing here they would want to take. Of coarse when I pointed out that there are at least 12 computers in this office she kind of changed her tune on that one. I'm trying to figure out exactly who I need to go to & trying to keep my composure because I didn't realize how scared I was about this until I was talking to these two women & almost started crying just talking about it, I had to walk away because I was getting so upset. I may have to e-mail in order to be able to get my point across with out getting too emotional. So I want to thank all of you again!
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Just wanted to let you all know that I just e-mailed my HR manager with the following e-mail.


\tI know that you are aware that Jacki had a key to the front door on her key chain when her car was stolen yesterday. I also know that most everyone feels that it is not a safety concern because they think that whoever took the car will not come back. However, I am in the office until 8PM, most of the time by myself from about 5:30 on. Truthfully it makes logical sense to me that nothing will happen, but I was uncomfortable being here by myself last night. I also worry about Jacki & Kelly being here by themselves early in the morning & on the weekends. I don't know if there is a plan to change the lock, but I would certainly feel better if it were changed. I don't want to make a big deal out of this, but I wanted you to know how I feel.


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Angie, if this person will steal a car in broad daylight, they will definitely not have any qualms about coming back. I would want the locks changed if it were me, especially if I were alone at night. It's not like replacing a lock is as expensive as replacing one (or all, if they're stolen) of the computers. I know some companies change outside door locks periodically, just to be safe. Even if you're not used to speaking up much, please, please push to have the locks changed.
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It costs - what - $128 to buy a new professional lock and have it installed? How much would your hospitalization (God Forbid) cost?

This makes no sense. I agree with what everyone has said. I'm so glad you contacted HR. Keep pushing - it is so important!!!!!

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Well good news. The lock was replaced today. I feel so much better. I don't know if it was my e-mail or what. I was hoping that what I said would make a differnce. Our HR manager is a super nice guy & I figured since he is married & had two daughters he might understand when I told him how I felt. I also wonder if he was aware of the fact that I am alone here at night & there are two other women who work alone in the early mornings & on the weekends. So YEAH.
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Way to go!!!!!!! VERY glad to hear it!!!!

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YAY!! Now we can rest easy knowing you're safe behind a brand new lock!
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Yay!!! I'm so happy for you Angie! Perhaps you weren't the only one concerned about it, just the only one who spoke publicly about it. Whatever the reason, and I'm sure your email played into it, I'm glad it was done.
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that is wonderful news, now you can rest easily! Whew!!!!!

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