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I've had cable TV for years....although the only time I watch television, is when a hockey game is on. Last night I tried to watch the Redwings vs Wild game, and I had so much trouble with tiling (or pililation) that I finally gave up and turned off the game during the second intermission. Last month, I was having (continued) issues with my cable phone service. When the Charter repair guy came to fix it (for about the 15th time), I mentioned the TV tiling issue to him. He said it was because Charter is changing from Analog to Digital signal and until they get it all sorted out, we would probably have issues with it. He did say that they were going to put the upgrade on hold for the Super Bowl game, because they didn't want to cheeze off too many customers (obviously, they don't give a rip about hockey fans!) I am so completely frustrated that I'm about ready to rip out my cable phone and cable TV and pitch them through the window at the Charter store downtown.

Okay...rant over.....until tomorrow night, when the hockey game is on. If it tiles, I may actually do it...