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Out of sorts

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I don't know what is the matter with me,I feel all tense ,tearie,just ick!I think I am starting to get worried about quiting my job!I was not happy there anymore,but now that I do not having a check coming in,I am worring about paying bills and buying food,ect...Ted;s unempolyment checks don't cover much.Ted keeps telling me things will work out.I wish I could just be laid back as he is!But then I am the worrier in the family,allways have been.I am afaird I am going to have a little harder time finding a job now,market around here is bad,and I am getting older. Thank God the house is paid off!
Well I guess I have pouted enough for the day. Everone have a good night.
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A true Story: Several years ago in December, my wife was pregnant at the Manhattan New York hospital. Of course, New York is famous for it's taxi's and many different nationalities, so we decided to take a taxi home rather than dealing with a subway. We got in the car and started talking to a Korean man, Mr. Ho. He commented on my wife’s pregnant stomach and said he and his wife had triplets last year on December 24th. Later that night as I was thinking to myself, on December morning, in the Basinets, the children lined up in order would have read "Ho, Ho, Ho".
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Sherral, if you haven't already done this, try signing up with some temporary employment agencies. You would have more money coming in and there might be some temp to perm positions available.

You might also try checking on-line job sites like www.monster.com for jobs in your general area.

Good luck!
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Sherral, I checked out monster.com and they directed me to a link, for a job fair, next week. That was a good tip, which will save me a lot of running around town. Check it out.
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