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Meet saba - my mothers dog

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Saba is going through a rough time right now. My step father is in the hospital and has been since January 8th. Mom isn't home that much and I moved to another side of the city so i'm no longer close enough to go check on her daily. Poor puppy. Ok she's 8..and around 100 lbs..still a puppy to me. I call her my little girl. She's a norwegian elkhound.

she's smiling at me in this photo. She had surgery in december - they removed 15 cysts from her.
Poor puppy...she is shaved all over..and one of the incisions got infected..
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Saba is so pretty! I love her coloring & her adorable face!!
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yep ..she is such a sweetie..some people see her and are scared because she's a bigger dog.but ...nah...
she will lick ya..thats about it..she is very friendly and loves lots of attention.
she doesn't play much (fetch or anything ) but she likes to be by your side..
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She is beautiful!
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Oh poor baby!!! She is very pretty though! I've never seen that breed before. I love her!
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Awwwww look at that face!!! She's so sweet bless her
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Saba is a beauty!!
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OMG I love her! I really LOVE Norwegian Elkhounds, all of the ones I have met have been the coolest dogs.
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She's a beautiful doggy.I have a soft spot for the older doggies.
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