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If you have any good thoughts/prayers to spare, Kiwi could use them...

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Hello all, I'm not a regular poster here, but my baby is very sick and I need all the positive energy/thoughts I can get...

Kiwi's appetite hasn't been great lately (odd for her) and yesterday she didn't eat at all. This morning I came home from a night shift and she was vomiting, panting, and was sooo lethargic it seemed she could barely move.

So, needless to say I rushed her to the vet and she was running quite a high temperature. (she did perk up a bit in the different environment, so that's good, right...??) So they're keeping her there, are going to put her on fluids, run some blood tests and get a few x-rays to hopefully find out what's wrong with her.

I'm just sick with worry that it's something serious.... the way she looked this morning just scared the crap out of me.

Thanks in advance.
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Oh my goodness!!!! for you and your baby! I have no knowledge on this at all, I hope she will come through it all quickly!!!
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Tons of For your sweet Kiwi to be okay
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Sending lots of vibes for Kiwi!
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for Kiwi
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Here are more healing vibes for Kiwi and for you.
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Sending prayers and vibes for Kiwi.
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Thanks everyone.

The vet just called, said that the x-rays are normal, her blood panel is pretty much normal, which she said is actually a bit concerning, as it is odd for an animal to have such a high fever and no elevated white blood cell count.

She also said that Kiwi had an "episode" where she started drooling profusely and then collapsed.

Right now they're thinking toxin (although I can't see how she would have gotten into anything) or pancreatitis.

I'm to call again at 3:00 and see how she's doing. She's on high doses of fluids right now, so if it was a toxin then she should have improved by then. If she hasn't, we'll test her for pancreatitis.

I'm just sick over this I'm so worried.
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I hope she would be ok.
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Please keep us posted with how things go. I spent Christmas through New Years with 5 sick cats. 3 Had to be force fed and given fluids. The worst is over now, but still an ear mite issue (on the down side I hope). So, I can imagine how worried you are. It's scarey when they won't eat. Good luck.

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Sending lots of healing for Kiwi and calming for you.
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best wishes for a quick recovery!
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praying for you and your fur baby
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for Kiwi to get better quickly, and for you, because I can only imagine how frightening this is for you.
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Just talked to the vet again, and Kiwi isn't any better. Not any worse, but no better either. We are going to transfer her to the emergency clinic for the night so they can monitor her (she's on fluids, cardiac monitors and strong anti-biotics), and then transfer her back to the vet's in the morning (they have no overnight staff)

I want so badly to bring a sleeping bag and camp out beside her cage, but I'm pretty sure that's not allowed.

Thank you all for your well wishes, I really hope she can kick whatever this is soon. The vet said that the next 12-24 hours are crucial for her.
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I hope she will get better.
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How awful!

Many vibes and prayers for Kiwi and yourself
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for both you and Kiwi
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Thanks again for your well wishes everyone.

Kiwi's fever came down a bit during the night, still not in the "normal" range, but the vet was very happy that it had come down at all.

The next step is to see if she'll eat, and then if she'll keep the food down. If she can, that'll be a big step in the right direction.

Thanks again!
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I hope she eats more and gets better.
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I am glad your cat is some better. It is so scarey when they get sick suddenly. Have they determined that her kidneys are okay. Sending prayers for the sweet baby.
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that she continues to improve!
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More vibes on the way that Kiwi continues to improve.
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Kiwi, get better soon darling, you are in my prayers.
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Another update:

Kiwi's temperature was still high, and she absolutely refused to eat.

So, I have taken her to a diagnostic/assessment veterinary clinic that is state of the art, has different departments (ICU, Internal medicine, Cardiac unit, etc) and she has had an ultrasound, I'm just waiting for the results. Hopefully we'll have a better idea of where to go from there.

She has had a complete blood work-up and urinalysis done and has had x-rays taken so far, so her kidneys have been checked in those areas, they will also be checked on the ultrasound. The real concern right now is her liver.
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Get well soon, Kiwi!
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i don't like the sound of this.. it's too familiar some & that Kiwi will improve soon!
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Adding in my prayers for Kiwi!! And for you! I know this must be hard.
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Prayers for her. Can they see the Ultrasound fast. With my Cats we got the results very fast.
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I applaud your move to a state of the art veterinary facility for Kiwi.

You sweetie will be in my thoughts as you move forward with this.
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