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How to prepare kale??

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I bought a large bag of kale for the soup I made on monday and will use it as a substitute for spinach in tonite's recipe.

However I still have a fair amount left. Looking through my vast supply of cookbooks I couldn't find any cooking ideas other that what was on the package.

If anyone eat this and has some serving suggestions that would be great.
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We like to saute it with some garlic until wilted and then put balsamic vinegar on it.
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Saute it in olive oil???
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I LOVE kale! I usually put some olive oil in a pan and sautée some onions and garlic then add the kale and let it wilt for about 5 minutes. Then I add about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of stock (what ever kind you want to use) and let is cook that way for about another 10 minutes.
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Thanks for the info!! I might give it a try for lunch before trying it for Neil (he's kind of fussy on some veggies!!)
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i prefer it raw .. but sauted is good
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I agree, shred and saute with whatever you fancy really!
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I steam it; I love kale.

I'm not sure it's a very substitute for spinach, though, the flavor is completely different. And the texture is different; kale is a lot tougher than spinach. I hope it works out.
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boil it with fennel root and serve with pork loin
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Don't use it as a spinach substitute!! The sauce was bittter.
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