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Daily Thread HUMP day Feb 6!

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Good morning!

We are halfway through the week!!

It is 0 degrees here, and I think we are getting freezing rain Hopefully not though.

Off to work..and then not sure what I'll be doing after that..probably coming home and relaxing with Trouty girl

Have a great day folks!
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Morning everyone!!!

Today is suppose to 62* F However we're expecting some rain today.

Nothing much going on here otherwise.
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Morning folks!

Temps have cooled off here significantly over the past few hours after a round of severe thunderstorms and heavy rain. There was a bit of storm damage around Louisville, but we got lucky here where I'm at.

Other than that, I have a doc appointment at 10 am and need to pick up medicine before I go.
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Morning ladies!

It's sunny here, but chilly. I wonder what my little munchkins are up to while i'm at work?
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morning its -31 with the windchill kinda already at work...
and after work going to run home...
and then go out and pay the car insurance..oh how fun...
and pick up dinner come home..
and get batteries or a new laser pen...might be cheaper just to get a new one......
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Morning All!

Very chilly here this morning the temps dropped 15 degrees overnight and it has gotten really windy..

Heading off to work shortly, have several meetings today so that should keep me pretty busy.

Having dinner with my aunt which will be nice.

Kitties are tearing around the house like banshee's this morning, I woke up to all 3 of them sitting on the bed staring at me this morning. Not sure but I think the are plotting something.

Everyone have a good one
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Overcast start to the day again!! A bit windy too.

We've only had a dusting of snow but supposed to only get a couple inches more. The majority of the snow is staying in the southern part of Wisconsin and Illinois.

Working on an ad for Neil's old Jointer for craigslist, got supplies gathered for the rescue org that I do stuff for and doing a bit of cleaning.

Finished knitting another scarf too!! When its only seven stitches it goes rather fast.
So I know have three completed and working on one for my sister!!

Making another Olive Garden recipe today from their website-Tuscan Garlic Chicken!!
They have a nice selection of recipes on their site in case anyone is interested.

Have a good day...............
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I am going to try and get into the doctor today. i hurt my back, i can't sit or stand laydown for more than 5 minutes, I can't stand it. the only way i can get in is if they hav an emergancy appointment open up. I have been trying all week,
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good day.

Have I mentioned that I hate snow. Have I mentioned there is a snow storm happening. And have I mentioned it is going to be a horrible and long bus ride home.

Hope everyone else is having a good day.
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hello all. am late replying to this thread as usual! i had a busyish day hehe! hope everyone had a good day
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yaya almost Friday, which means tomorrow i get to open my SS presents!!
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