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Yep. She's a ratbag.

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She loves climbing the back of the tv. Rather than jumping up like she used to, she just climbs up the back. It's hard to get cranky at her when these 2 little paws and a nose appear over the back of the tv, then she suddenly appears.

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that's very cute!
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too funny!! What a silly girl!!
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OMG that is hilarious
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Awwww She got to the top eventually
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
Aww... look at that little foot sticking out the bottom. Too cute!
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I love the little toes spread.... that's quite an effort. This is why our new TV will have to go up on the wall...
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Awwww...what a cutie...Love the progression...hahahaha...almost there, oops, slipped...ahaha...made it!!! Lol!!!
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lol now that is too funny..and very cute
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Well done Stumpy!!
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That is so funny!!
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