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R.I.P Precious

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I got the news yesterday while I was at work that my grams kittie Precious has passed She was about 12 years old! She started getting sick on Saterday so my gram had called the vet and he said bring her in on Monday and she didn't make it there!

She was such a Queen so to speak, she loved to be the alpha and center of attention and she surely let everyone know!

She lived a wonderful well pampered life and I was the one who originally found her at the shelter where we had adopted her! She has been with my gram for the last 8 going on 9 years (she was 3 when adopted) !

Here is one picture I have of her on my computer (I have shown her off here before, so she isnt a new face) I do have more recent pictures but I just never have time to put them on the computer !

R.I.P you Precious Angel and play happily over the rainbow bridge
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She was so beautiful! I'm so sorry for your loss. She'll be loving it where she is now though, I can almost guarantee it
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So sorry about the Cat. She was a nice looking Cat
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Oh I am so sorry for your whole family.

May She Rest In Peace
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RIP Precious.
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Isn't she a little beauty Your poor Gram as well

Have fun at the bridge Precious

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Rest in peace, beautiful Precious girl
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Rest In Peace Precious.
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Rest in In Peace Sweet Precious She was such a lovely girl
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Rest In Peace Precious Girl
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Oh gosh, I am so sorry. May Precious Rest in peace
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She's a beautiful girl.
Rest In Peace, Precious.
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What a beautiful kitty. I am so sorry for your family's loss. RIP Precious
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Condolences to you and your Gram on the sad loss of Precious. What a beauty Heaven definitely gained a precious treasure Godspeed over RB, Precious
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I'm so sorry for your families loss. Rest in Peace Precious.
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I am soo sorry RIP Prescious
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Aww such a pretty girl. RIP Precious.
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what a beautiful girl she was. RIP sweet precious.
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You have my very sincerest sympathies on the loss of your beautiful white fur baby. I, too, have had a really lousy day.
I had to put our Pepper (also referred to as Pepperoni) down this morning. At 14 1/2, I knew for about a year we were really on borrowed time.
He had stopped eating & would/could only drink if I held it there for him. He was yowling off & on the last 36 hrs & had hidden in my closet, like they do when they're dying. He needed help crossing the bridge - I really didn't think he would make it thru last night, but I heard him at 4AM, so I got up. I took him into the other bedroom because I was afraid he'd wake my husband up. I went out to make a cup of coffee after a couple of hrs & when I went back in, he had gotten down off the bed. Poor old guy had peed all over it. I felt so bad. I took him to his box yesterday & he peed, but I didn't know that's what he was telling me he needed this morning. My husband has buried him in the back yard. They gave me a cardboard "coffin" at the vet & the girl who works there is so sweet. When she put him in it, she kissed him on top of the head. She told me his yowling was because he was going thru something that kinda scared & agitated him. I let my other cat, Kenickie, smell him when I got home & now he's hiding under the bed. All I've done is cry for 2 days & I have an awful headache. And I had to go to the dentist today because I broke a front tooth. Sometimes, life just sucks.
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So sorry about your loss! She is a ture angel! beautiful kitty! RIP sweet angel!
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