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Buddy beat me up!!

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I HAVE to share what some of my cats have been doing lately while I'm SICK as a dog....

I started coughing a lot and really hard since last weekend and I guess I'm very loud when I cough. A couple nights ago, Buddy was trying to sleep on my chest when I went into a coughing fit..... Buddy got mad, got up, turned around to face me then BOPPED me on the head several times before he trotted away! I was so shocked! I actually sat there and stared at him for a few minutes in disbelief. LOL. Guess that was his way of telling me to SHUT UP.

Another time, Spike came running when I went into another coughing fit and kept shoving his head into my face (rubbing noses)...

A while later, Buddy got up on my chest and proceeded to stick his neck into my mouth as I coughed. I"M NOT KIDDING!!!! He'd do that often to get me to kiss him on his neck- press his neck to my mouth but this time he really shoved his neck INTO my mouth. I ended up shoving him away, sputtering fur out while coughing like crazy...

I wonder what they will do next to try to stop me from coughing!!

Would love to hear any stories you may have about how ur cats tried to help u while u were sick.
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You poor thing. To be sick and have your baby whack you a few times. Mine just look annoyed with me and go see their daddy.
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I thought Dharma was bad - once I was home coughing and coughing in bed - she got up, walked over, and very firmly tapped me on the mouth with her paw.

A few weeks ago I was home with a virus, and was using a heating pad to stay warm. Then my beautiful babies both came over to cuddle up and, I thought, keep momma warm and lend their support. After a while, I got up to get some soup. Normally, they follow me when I get out of bed and start wandering the condo. This time, didn't happen. What's different, I thought.....on my return to , found out the attraction seemed to be the heating pad, not poor sick momma. They did, however, let me slip in and wrap the covers around me.
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This is prolly TMI but why not?

When I was sick right around Christmas, Tonka found it amusing to swat at my hair while I was early one morning

Or better yet, Duke would steal the tissue out of my hand when I would blow my nose
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