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Very Baffled about 7 month old kitty

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My boyfriend and I adopted a kitty in August, she was five weeks old. Now, she is seven months old and has been going through some weird things. We've noticed she's been getting random lumps on her body. One day it will be her right leg, then a day or two after it's her left, then goes to her hind legs, right and then left. It keeps moving.

I've felt these lumps and they don't seem to hurt her, or bug her in anyway. She still runs around and acts like her usual self. She's eating and going to the bathroom just fine.

Over the Christmas weeks she got this swelling that's on her right front leg and then left front les, and then it moved up to her eyes ( first the right, and then the left). We took her to the vet and no one gave us a explanation as to what is going on.

On Christmas day, I rushed her to the emergency room because her left eye was terrible swollen, it was swollen shut. The doctor there gave her a shot of some type of steroid. The doctor did not have a clue as to what is going on with her. A few days later the swelling was gone, and she was doing fine. Then all of sudden the swelling was up and moving around her body again.

This is quite a mystery for us, and we are wondering if this has happened to any of you out there? Perhaps, someone can shed some light.
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I have not experienced anything like that w/ my cat but am wondering if the vet suggested possible food or household product allergies? The lumps you describe, are they under the skin or perhaps they're really hives?

The fact that you mentioned his eye puffing closed made me think of allergies as a possible culprit.

Keep us posted
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Sounds like it is some kind of Allergy. The bumps might be Hives.
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Hello Thank you for your responses.

I thought it was allergies too. I don't know what is causing it. The Vet mentioned once that sometimes cats can get allergic to plastic. So we removed the plastic bowls and replaced them with stainless steel ones. However, the bumps kept reoccurring. Her litter box is plastic but I don't think they have any other kind of litter box ( at least the places I've checked).

I know i've bad at change her food. The reason why is because the special kind of food I was told to get to her was no longer available ( they were waiting for more of it to come in) and i had to settle for something else.

As of right now, she has a fatty mass by her chest. It hangs low like a lose piece of skin). And when I touch it doesn't bother her. It's just under the skin. it seems to have gone down a bit. It's the strangest thing.

I am thinking it's the same kind of swelling that is on her legs, but my boyfriend thinks the swelling on her legs has only to do with her landing hard when she's jumping around.

We both don't know what to do. We've been to the vet for every swelling possible and they just give us meds, with no answers. I understand they are as baffled as we are.

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Unless she has some other illness, I'd say she's too young for her legs to get swollen from jumping around, it's what cats were designed to do. There ARE other kinds of litterboxes if you go to a big pet store like Petco or Petsmart (if you have any where you live), they make these "disposable" litter boxes that are made out of recycled paper. You can also order them online:


They are more expensive to keep up with, but if it really is a plastic allergy, it might be worth it.

This is the best site I could find about lumps, you may want to look through it and see if any of the symptoms match:


I would have guessed fleas or something that's biting him, but since she's been to a vet recently, they would have noticed.

Hope this helps!
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I hope something helps her.
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maybe get a second opinion??
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definately allergy ... what is she eating?? have you used a new chemical to clean in the house??
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
definately allergy ... what is she eating?? have you used a new chemical to clean in the house??

She's currently eating Wellness Kitten formula. I've been using Nature's Miracle to clean stains, but i've been using that since i got her. Like I said, I've changed her food around only because of the availablity of one particular brand.

She has lumps on her neck, and a few scabs from scratching her neck so much. I know this can be allergies. he hasn't had any episodes of swelling on her legs yet. So I am keeping my fingers crossed.
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