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Thyroid Condition: all feedback appreciated

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I'm new to catsite. I have 1 cat and take care of 2 others who live at a farm by my house. The farm is a historic landmark in my town and run by a handful of volunteers. One of the farm cats , Dusty, shows signs of a thyroid condition. He's painfully skinny despite having a huge appetite, drinks water like there's no tomorrow, has a bad coat despite being brushed several x's/week, dry skin, a raspy meow and he urinates excessively. Despite these symptoms, he is an active, friendly and seemingly happy cat. We have no idea how old Dusty is but he is definitely not a young cat. He's lived at the farm for a couple of years now ...his previous owner really didnt take care of him.

Dusty had his annual check up last week . The vet detected a heart murmur and noted that he has lost 1 lb since his visit one year ago. The vet ordered a thyroid test. I have to explain that this farm is run by volunteers..it's not a working farm ..just a neighborhood attraction . Paid for 100% through fundraising efforts..so $ is very tight to say the least.

I was just informed that his test came back ...one level was normal the other slightly elevated. Not sure what levels they're referring to
as I was not the one to take Dusty for his exam..another volunteer did. I was told the vet said we could wait and see what happens..if his symptoms worsen then we can try meds. I can't imagine waiting for his symptoms to worsen..I mean the poor thing lost a lb and like I said, he shows every sign of a thyroid problem. I'm afraid Dusty's situation is being down-played because of the concern over funding. I think I will call the vet myself and really explain the behavavioral symptoms he displays on a daily basis and see if he really feels not treating him is an acceptable option.

Anyway..sorry to ramble on...just wondering if any of you have experience with treating a cat for a thyroid condition.

I want to do right by Dusty.
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Hyperthyroid is VERY common in senior cats and can be managed ... I have not dealt with it myself but seem to remember the pills arent alot of $$
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Thank you for your input. I didnt think the pills where that costly..the person who took dusty for his check up said $25/month and if we find a lower price on petmeds, then the vet will match it. I think add'l expenses are the periodic blood tests that will be required once he goes on the med to monitor his levels.

I will pay for the meds myself if I have to...and will administer the pills 2xdaily if needed (this is another concern among the volunteers) i'll just add it to my list of other donations i've made to the farm which include buying all of the cat food for the two lovelies...rehabilitating an injured duck $150 in vet bills, 5 subsequent vet visits for anti biotic injections..(never thought I'd have a duck in my car contained in my cat's carrier riding shotgun!) not to mention countless hours spent feeding, providing swim time and cleaning his pen..+ the crazy shopping sprees i go on for cat and bunny toys and treats.

I'm not complaining at all nor am I patting myself on the back....I'm just amazed at how easily I get sucked in when it comes to animals! Obviously I enjoy it otherwise I wouldn't get involved.
I have only been volunteering there for under 1 year..the others have been doing it for years..and I'm sure have depleted their own bank accounts by now!

Look forward to more replies..thank you!
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A duck riding shotgun. That's quite a visual.

Regarding Dusty...
Because you will probably be the person who pays for most of Dusty's medical treatment, I agree with you about discussing his health and behavioral issues directly with the vet.
If treatment becomes necessary, you need to have a clear idea about the treatment plan, labs costs, and the ramifications of this treatment, so that you can make clear decisions about what is best for Dusty and also so you can budget for the expense of treatment, if you choose to go ahead with it.

I am not familiar with overactive thyroid meds but I checked Pet Meds and you are right, the medications are rather expensive.
Methimazole 5 Mg Tab/2 x a day is 45 cents ea.
Tapazole 5mg Tab/2 x a day is $1.24 ea.

I really think that, if your group won't mind, call and discuss your best options for helping Dusty with the vet.
I would ask about the murmur too. Is that related to heart failure and will the murmur be affected by any meds that Dusty takes?

If there were more people in the world who cared as deeply as you do ...
the world would be a better place.

Please keep us updated.
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Hello xocats
Thank you for your post.I just left a message for the vet to call me directly. I appreciate your comments ....it's not that i think i'm the only one that really cares ...as I might be a bit overzealous since i'm relatively new to volunteering there but knowing myself, even if i had been doing this for years, i don't think I would be inclined to dismiss what I see as a clear need for medical intervention.

I'll post an update once I have a live chat w/ the vet...who by the way is my own cat's dr..and the same vet who gave willie, the duck his antibiotic injections.
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I don't think that you are overzealous...
you simply care.
It's great that you already have an established relationship with the vet.

Let us know what you find out.
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