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Jobs...Lack of.... Interview tomorrow!! ETC...

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I decided after 7 years to not return to my job this year. I worked on the college campus for the past 7 years in Dining Services and after a few semesters of the boss continually screwing me over as to where I want to work and just a general lack of respect from her, I am fed up and didn't return. I worked as a student employee at first in the coffee shop, then was moved up to the Asian place which I hated. But instead of moving me back down when I asked, she kept hiring new people and telling me there was no room. This semester was the last straw because I turned in my availability before the start of the semester, called and left messages and slipped a note under her door and she never once called me back or put me on the schedule. I don't know what I ever did to deserve that treatment, we got along so well. I was one of the few people who actually liked her. She is known to treat the employees like crap and can be a very nasty lady. But she would come to my craft shows and give me old cds of hers, even ask for advice with cat problems. I never once failed to show up for my shift, I rarely came in late and for 7 years I called off maybe 5 times. I also was trusted with the money and safe room bc I was one of the few employees whose drawer was always accurate. My point being I was basically a model employee for 7 years. People call off and fail to show up for work ALL THE TIME, they also steal and no one ever really works there more then a year or two, let alone 7.

ANYWAYS, that is not the point of this posting... just had to vent!
I interviewed for a job at Pooch Palace which is a doggy daycare. I have the job, the owner unofficially told me I do But I will get an official call from the full timer this week. She said I sounded like a great addition and also my knowledge was way above the other people who applied so that was good. I had the second interview Monday and that lady just couldn't get over how much I was like her. She said we were like twins!

AND I have an interview at the Humane Society of Geauga County/Rescue Village tomorrow, which I hear is a wonderful place, and a no time limit facility. I applied via email and 2 days later they called ME! I didn't even have to follow up or anything. That is a great sign! Plus I am overly qualified for it. I am also NOT A BIT nervous for the interview, nor was I at Pooch Palace. That is how I know that the job is meant to be. I usually have very bad anxiety. When I interviewed for graphic design positions when I was in school for that, I would get SO nervous and upset I would cry or throw up. But anyways, I just wanted to share the good news. I am SO excited to have an animal care job again. I am going to be a part timer at both places, 20 hours each so its perfect. I always had a problem with full time jobs. Just the repetition. But if I end up really liking one place over the other I may wean myself off one. For now it's perfect.

So there is really no point to this thread. I couldn't resist doing a little bragging on my awesome jobs I will be starting. I am SO excited. So yeah, maybe a little advice on what to wear to an interview at a rescue shelter? i don't need to dress up all nice but I can't go in there in jeans either. I never know what to wear!
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That's great news!! Congrats!
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aww lots of puppy
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How wonderful - I am so glad that your opportunities are so good
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Congratulations Jen! I hope they both work out for you and its something that you truly enjoy doing.

I would just dress with a pair of slacks and a dress shirt to the interview.

Keep us posted!
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That is wonderful!! Congrats!! I agree with Pammi, Dressy cassual would be what I went with for the shelter interview. Good luck with it!!
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Congratulations, Jen, on getting jobs you'll really like doing! I'd also say dress slacks and a blouse or sweater would be appropriate.
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Congrats Jen

Yeah, I use to have bosses like yours was in the food service. I finally came to the conclusion that they're not happy in their life and job, so they tend to take it out on other people. Good job on not returning!!

Good luck with your new jobs too!
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Thank you guys for all the good luck wishes!!

About my old boss, yes she definitely seems unhappy in her job or her life. She is a workaholic though, she comes in at 3 or 4am and stays until 5 pm. She also worked until a couple days before she was due to have a baby and came back immediately afterwards. She is crazy!
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Congratulations on taking that step out of a job that is not providing satisfaction and finding one that is!!

For the interview I would wear khaki or black/navy pants with a nice sweater-not to casual.
Nice shoes but not heels or sneakers either.

Congratualtions again.
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