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His meow has muted!

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comic Sans orange-red My cat is 13 years old and has come down with laryngitis. He was just at the vet(before we discovered he had no voice) for his annual and checked out fine. He also sprained his paw so he is 3 legged. Poor guy, he is an outdoor cat but you wouldn't know it. Keeping him in for the time being. Has anyone else had this problem? What did you do? I doubt he'll go for the hot water,lemon and honey rountine. One more thing can't get my smilies into the text. what the secret? Thanks.....D
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Our cat, Enya, had laryngitis a few weeks ago and she's an indoor cat. It must've been a virus since she was acting a little sick with it. It took about 2 weeks for her to get all of her voice back. I kept her off of dry food and gave her some supplements.
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Thanks for the info. AC(our cat) is definately acting out of character. Don't forget he also has the sprained paw that he cannot put any pressure on. Anyway, why did you take him off of the dry food and what supplements did you give him? Thanks for the advice..D
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I took her off dry food becuase it seemed to aggravate it. She doesn't get a lot of dry any way.
I gave her vit. c, colustrum, and spirulina mixed in her food to give her immune system some support. I also gave her some chicken and vegies with broth a few times, but not every cat likes vegies. She sits by the cutting board whenever I make salad, hoping to get some and she usually does.
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My Harry gets laryngitis right before he coughs up a hairball! So, the laryngitis doesn't last too long, just a few hours ... weird, huh?
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