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moo cat in hospital again

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can i have some prayers for my moocat, and fingers and paws crossed for him.. his breathing got bad again today so he's been admitted again.. they're draiining fluid from his lungs and putting him in an oxygen tank and stating him on some heart meds.. they said he may be home tomorrow, but that it's not looking too good.. the vet was honest with me.. she said, if he survives the next vouple of weeks, he may have about 3 months left..

im in such agony, i can't believe im watching my best friend die.. i have so much on my plate on top of this.. im so ill with me/ thyroid, all my friends cut contact with me at xmas cos i was in a bad way, i had to cut contact with m,y abusive alcoholic mother.. my last remaining family..

and my ptsd is really bad right now... and i am going through so much loss and grief, my moo cat means everything to me.. i dont know how im going to get through this .

sorry, bluebell x
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for both Moocat and yourself. Hopefully things willl take a turn for the better
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for Moo.

For you.
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Prayers for you and your Cat.
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Sending lots of healing vibes for Moo.

And lots of hugs for you.
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I am so sorry Moo is in the hospital..many prayers and vibes for your sweet baby
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I know that you are worried to death about your precious Moo.
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Rooting for you and Moo
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So sorry about your little Moo Cat. He knows you love him, and you'll do your best to make him comfortable.

Lots of vibes for you both.
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It is an awfull disease! Good luck to you and your Moo!
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thank you all so much for your vibes.. moo cat is home!! he's now on fortekor heart meds, and he's glad to be home..

im having problems with the conflicting info on him.. ive now seen 4 different vets and they've all said different things.. one said he was highly anaemic, then i got told he wasnt at all, i've been told yesterday that the next 2 weeks are crutial as to whether he responds to the heart meds or not.
vet said he's quite old and not got good prognosis, then today, a really annoying vet nurse made out i was being neurotic, and said he was a young cat and not to worry, told me to let him out, whereas the vet yesterday said keep him in .. yesterday, i got told he was going to be put on a different drug that is licenced for cats, today im told he s been put on a med that is off licence for cats, only licenced for dogs, and said the vet had told me all about it.. she didnt , she wrote down the drug and it was a differenty one to what he's on..

anyway, i feel like im getting such conflicting advice and info and this nurse made me feel like im over neurotic, she even compared his heart failure to her back pain and flippantly said, we have to just get on and live with these things..

she really wound me up! grrrrrrrrrr so now i dont know what to think or believe.

but im going to keep him in and give him lots of treats and love as always!!

ill keep you posted.. i cant tell you all how much your support has meant to me.

you're all angels.

hugs from bluebell and moo cat. xx
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Are the 4 vets you have seen all in the same practice?

You are understandably scared and confused about Moo's treatment and prognosis. Your current vet is in charge of Moo's treatment, not his nurse. I would write out my list of questions, call the practice and ask that your vet call you.
Ask your questions that you have until you are clear about Moo's treatment plan, meds, prognoses etc.

Is there a good specialist hospital in your area?
If there is, and you don't feel you are getting what you need at your current vets, ask for a referral to a specialist.

When my cat had heart failure, it was the specialist hospital who diagnosed him correctly, not my local vet.
A specialist is really expensive but they can save you money in the long run.

The bottom line is...
you need to understand Moo's meds and treatment.

This is a very difficult time for you...
go after what you need.
You want to have a peaceful mind when you are with Moo.
Our sweeties are very sensitive to our feelings.
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