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Chance needs a home!

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This isn't a cat but a dog.

Chance needs a home! He is a Boxer/Lab about 8-10months old. He has had his first round of shots and needs boosters in a month. He has not been neutered yet. He weighed 40.5pounds today and the vet said he looked awesome.

I'm willing to drive a few hours to bring him to the person who would like to adopt him. I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

I will have a questionnaire that you need to fill out before I give him to you and you will have to agree to get him neutered (I may also get him neutered before getting him to you) and there is an adoption fee to cover the shots.

He was left outside 24/7 with no shelter, in the rain, in the cold, even in freezing temperatures and during the ice storm we had in December.

He is skiddish and needs someone with patience to help him blossom and get him out of his shell. He is very sweet and he loves being loved on and loves to be close to you. He is very laid back and getting more confident every day.

He is not completely house broken yet because he has never been in a house until this week. We are working on it and he's making great progress. He hasn't had an accident in the house and he's starting to sit by the door.

He does great with kids and he's doing great with my dog. He ignores the birds I have, but he barks at the cats and the rabbit. I think he may learn to live with the cats but I can't be for sure.

Please post this where you can. I really want to find him a great home where he can get the love he deserves.

PM or email at gookinm[at]

I hope it was ok to post this.
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Have you looked into Boxer rescues? I just pulled up petfinder & there is one in Tulsa.....they might let you foster him while they get him vetted/the adoption goes through them/they list him on their website.
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Yes I've contacted them already. They forwarded my info to another lady. I'm just trying all the outlets I have
I'm willing to foster him. He's just the sweetest thing. I just need help finding him that perfect home.

edit: i just checked, they posted his info YAY!
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My bf looooves the boxer breed. This one would melt his heart.
Where is the dog located (geographically?) We probably can't
take it if its out of the East Coast/Mid Atlantic area.

But I sure know he would love it....
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I'm in Tulsa. He's sleeping at my feet now. I'm so glad I have now. It has been rough watching him out there with no shelter. He was my neighbor's dog and they abandoned him. Every time I was out in the yard, he would try to dig his way to me.

Doesn't that break your heart? I got into it with them a few months ago because he had a wound on his leg that was oozing and he was limping. I told them he needed a vet and they didn't take him. The bandage was tissue and scotch tape. *sigh*. I called animal control too but nothing happened there.

He's gotten in my yard many times and I brought him back every time. A week ago Monday, he got into my yard, I brought him back. He wouldn't even go to his owner. His owner had to drag him in the house. Later that night, he was back. He had dug another hole into my yard. I left them a note on Tuesday to come get him and they haven't come. I called animal control and they told me that they didn't want him obviously and that I could go ahead and find him a home.
They don't deserve him and he deserves much better. It was really hard to coax him into the house since he had never been inside but he's enjoying every minute of the love and attention!

That's the story!
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While you have him, you might try training him not to bark or show any other aggressivness to the cats and rabbit Otherwise, he might attack a cat or child
Sending Chance "find a great home" vibes
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he does great with my 6 year old. He loves kids. I went over to a friend's house with him and he did great. He hasn't barked at the rabbit for 2 days so that's good. He also doesn't always bark at the cats anymore.
But I am working with him about that.
It's just so much to take in for him all at once!
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I browse Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri pets on here and I saw him last night!!!! He is soooooo sweet!!
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Boxer/Lab mixes are very social. Both breeds are noted for being people dogs, esp the Boxer! He will probably do okay with cats, once they "teach" him with a few well placed nose swipes to leave them alone.

Boxers don't really eat cats, tho they may chase and they may bark a bit at first. The lab is mellow as a breed too, so I wouldn't worry over biting issues, unless it were accidental. However, Boxers DO need steady and firm discipline but NEVER harsh - they are somewhat headstrong, but very sensitive dogs. They know when they've done wrong and they sulk over it.

You are doing something great for this dog. His breed mix makes it likely he will WANT to be in house with people, LOL and very gentle at that. Boxers are noted for being good with children too... Energetic as heck though...

Did you get the leg looked at? And what about his heartworm etc?

I bet you any boxer lover would take to him like a duck to water. He has the best pair of soulful puppy dog eyes I've ever seen! And he looks just like my BFs Boxer, just a longer nose is all!
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We had 2 hits on him!! I'm going to meet with the lady sometime real soon. She needs permission from her landlord to get another dog. She already has a boxer.
I'm really hopeful abut this and he really does deserve better than where he was. I know he'll be happy.

He's doing much better with the cats and doesn't always bark. It's all new to him but he's doing fabulous!

His leg has healed up nicely and he is on heartworm medication. We had him dewormed at the vets but had to give him extra meds for the whip worm.

He is so sweet. I brought him and met with some people and they were just amazed at how sweet he was and how calm he was. We even met a few boxers it's a big world outside the yard he never left!
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I'm glad he's doing so well!

this home is purr-fect & it works out for him!
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he got a home!!!! She took him home and hopefully I'll get a great report about him and her dog just loving each other.

Paws crossed!
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Wishing him the best of luck! I like all animals to be happy!
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The dogs are doing great and getting along just fine! I am really glad!!
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thats great. i am glad he found a happy home. boxers are beautiful animals. also i didnt know there were other okies here.
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