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Eating strangeness!

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Okay, so I have caught Dinah eating rubber bands in the past. I found them in the litter box, and thank god, she passed the ones that she ate, because she has not had any problems ever since, but the other day, she started to throw up on my sisters bed. When she finally did my sister said in horrow "What did you eat!?" The cat had eaten a string off of her bathing suit. A whole six inches of string, and elasitc band!!!! Thank goodness she threw it up, and she is eating and using the litter box fine, so I am not too worried about her having any more in there but what is compeling her to eat rubber???
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I could see that happening in our house.
We have one rubber/plastic fetish here. We need to hide rubber bands and plasticky bits because he is absolutely obsessed about them. Most of the time he is content licking but he has managed to eat (and puke) a fair amount of bits and bobs that we have missed.

He will also lick all kinds of plastic bags (like ziplocks etc) whenever he can get his lips on them. He gets very obsessed and when he manages to get into our guest room which has some hobby stuff he gets this far away look in his eyes because there are a lot of baggies that he just HAS TO lick (lick lick). (When we tell him to stop he’ll let out the same cackling noise he does when he is bird watching - and tries to hang onto his precious). I first thought he’d just lick dirty bags or bags with some stuff on them but it’s just about anything rubbery or plastic. I don’t know what it is and it would not bother me if he wouldn’t swallow them… Argh…. We’ve also witnessed vomits with long strings of rubbery line that we can’t even figure out where he found them (because naturally we are trying to keep things out of his reach).
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Same here with the bags and bands - Ferris is my plastic bag lover/eater, and Max is my ribbon/mylar strip eater. Plus Ferris has a total hair tie fetish. I know that faraway look quite well!
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Guess there must be a lot of kitties out there with odd fetishes: my older cat, Quincy, is the worst of my two--I specifically avoid leaving rubber bands where he can get at them, but he likes to chase after a rolled-up rubber baby bottle nipple, and sometimes takes to chewing on that, so it was one toy I had to eliminate. He also is a fiend about plastic bags--starts chewing them as soon as he sees or hears one. Styrofoam is another of his favorites! I get a little annoyed when he takes to licking glossy photos and even the fresh ink on the page of my journal! Where do all these strange appetites come from?
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My parent's cat likes peppermint. We have to hide gum and toothpaste must be kept tight in the cabinet.
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