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1.5 yr old Maine coon owner

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I am a new owner of a handsome 1.5 year old Male Maine Coon. I am looking for some help in readjusting him to his new home.

I know it will take time for him to get use to us, and then to our two Yorkies, but was wondering if anyone has any advice on the subject.

I am awaiting an order of Feliway which is suppose to help with this process.

At the moment he is living under the bed, his food is at the side of the room but was originally under the bed with him. We have a kitty litter box in the room until it is ok for him to go outside.

We have kept the dogs away from him. In the beginning we shut the door so that he was in just the one room. 4 days later we have put up a baby gate that has mesh on it so this stops the dogs getting in. The dogs are basically not interested in him as they have been brought up with cats and they are middle aged now so not very excitable.

The one yorkie is very interested in Tiny and keeps watching him from the gate. I am unsure if I should take the gate away and keep the door shut as this may be adding to his stress and prohibiting his readjustment.

I have been lying on the floor talking to him and play with him, with his favourite toy from his previous home. He plays and purrs for a while and then stops. He has spoken to me a couple of times and churped. but we cannot get him to come out from under the bed. He does come out at night to sit on the window sill.

I has started to spray under the bed and now the room is smelling as his urine is very strong. I am having to sleep in the living room as the dogs are use to sleeping on my bed with me and one of them just crys all night if I dont sleep with her.

This may sound extreme but thats how silly I am with my dogs. Any advice you can give me to help bring this beautiful cat into our family and out from under the bed will be of help.

Pictures of my boy Tiny now added to thread

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Welcome to TCS!
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Hi and welcome to TCS
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He's spraying under the bed? Ew.

Is he neutered?

I would suggest getting him vet checked for a UTI. While he may appear healthy, that may be why he's spraying.

It's also possible he's too scared to come out to use the litterbox.
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he has been vet checked and all is ok. He hasnt been neutered. We were told that the spray could be because he is adding his sent because of the yorkies to mark his territory. Which would make sense also cats do this when they are stressed.
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He's spraying because he is not neutered. Do you plan to get him neutered?
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We will eventually but want him to get use to us before we scare him further with a visit to the vet again.
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OK, just checking(I am pro spay/neuter). One thing I have noticed....from speaking with new adoptees, is that if they spay/neuter the animal right away after getting it home(within 2 weeks) it helps with the adjustment.

It's something to consider, that not only is he in a new place, but he's got the stress of hormones.

One thing, though. Look into getting an enzymatic cleaner for where he's peeing. I like Nature's Miracle. You can use a blacklight to find the urine stains. Hopefully that'll help him spray less.

The Feliway will help, too, once it arrives!
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Thank you for your help on this, We will be getting him neutered and perhaps sooner than later might be a good idea. My partner doesnt agree so I will try and see if I can talk him around, Must be a male thing lol
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You'd be surprised how many guys don't want to neuter animals.

Neutering will help stop the spraying, it'll reduce his chances of certain cancers, he'll try to find a "lady friend" less, yowl less....and generally be more healthy. Not to mention he won't add to the overpopulation problem.
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Yes I agree, this was my argument with him. but he winzed and said he didnt like the idea of his manhood being taken away. I said it can also help with his development and in some cases cats have grown bigger as the hormones go else where. he just frowned and said we will see. lol
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Tell him you're certain the vet won't neuter him, just the cat!

Trust me, neutering won't affect his purr-sonality, his looks, his "manliness"......and you S/O won't feel a thing!
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I really think a vet visit is in order to rule out a physical problem...
you might just want to go ahead and have the neutering done.

Scent mixing is very useful...
You cat must become used to the scent of your dogs.
The below link will explain...

In case you haven't seen it yet...
here is a TCS link to our sticky thread about Inappropriate Peeing.
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Lol yes I am telling him this now. but he is still saying to leave it for a while. So I will give it a couple of days and try again lol
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Originally Posted by stoney321 View Post
Lol yes I am telling him this now. but he is still saying to leave it for a while. So I will give it a couple of days and try again lol
Tell him to not take it personally.
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He handsome.

These were taken by his original owner, I havent been able to get any yet.
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Yes, he is handsome.
Absolutely stunning.
No wonder you fell madly in love with him.
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We did own a Turkish Van but sadly had to put him to sleep, as he had a blood clott which paralized his back legs. After 5 days of giving him medication to try and disolve the clott we had to put him down as his back legs were getting no blood supply and were in danger of getting gangreen. It broke our hearts he was only 5 years old. We gave him regular check ups but it was never noticed that he had a heart problem, it was a part of a clott from his heart that had broken off and gone to his back.

Pictures below

We couldnt bring our selves to get another Turkish Van as no cat and replace another, so we looked on the web for cats with similar temperments, and the Maine Coon won.

Thank you all for all your help. Im going to go to bed now. night night all
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TCS has a wonderful forum call Crossing the Bridge, where members post tributes to their beloved cats who have crossed.
You are welcome to post a tribute to your Van there.
It really does help because we understand how you feel.
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