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moving 4 hours away with 2 cats, tips?

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We have decided to take a flying leap of faith and we are moving closer to family. My husband has had it with his job (as a retail store manager) and I have a sister who is in rapidly declining health (she has muscular dystrophy) so we have decided to move closer to family.
My cats are pretty young, so I am sure they will adapt just fine. But they do know something is up, they have the crazies on overdrive lately.
We will be out of here by March 1st.
Have any tips about moving with cats?
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The only thing my cats want is for it to be over as soon as possible. So don't worry about the cats too much and just worry about getting it done fast :P
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4 hours is a piece of cake. Especially for youngsters. We just moved 4 hours (closer to my husband's family) in November. The cats were fine. We had them in their carriers while the movers packed up. And let them out that night. Then the next morning when the movers loaded the truck, they were back int heir carriers. We let them out while we cleaned and got ready. Then we drove 4 hours that afternoon.

It was much easier than our move to California (to and from Wisconsin). Now *that* kind of a move is *really* stressful, even on young cats.
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I just completed a move less than 3 weeks ago...

We simply tried to keep things as 'normal' as possible, inspite of boxes and such. Made sure to maintain play time, and lovin' on everyone like we normally would. Ours took it all instride, actually...they actually enjoyed playing in the boxes that weren't put together yet!Lol! And not to mention the newspapers we had collected for our breakables...those were scattered all over the place each morning, and whenever we came home from somewhere!Lol!

I kept all their toys out until the last minute, and when we were ready to hit the road, I put the two that didn't like traveling, in their kennel together, and the one who could careless, in hers. I wanted them in the kennels for as short as possible, so they wouldn't have to use the potty box along the way, even though I had it in an accessible place in the car. I didn't feed them the night before, and picked up their water in the morning before we were going to leave.

I make sure cats have a cozy kennel; too large, and most will freak out cause you lose the 'cave' feel-they like being cozy; although, a large one can come in handy for longer trips, when you need to put a box in there. But I have found that a smaller kennel with super cozy blankets, and a buddy (if they don't like traveling) helps a ton even with the most nervous kitty! I never use medication.

If you can, take them on some shorter trips before you leave, so you can figure out how they will be on the trip. With just two kitties, I would think they would probably travel better in one kennel, that way they can cozy up together...and won't be so scared.
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I only have one pet taxi, a medium sized one, so I am hoping they travel fine together. They are such snuggle lovebugs that I am sure it will be a comfort to them to have each other.
I am taking them next tuesday to get their shots finished so that will count as one little trip.
Thanks for all the tips, I am sure that everything will be fine.
Now, we are SO incredibly lucky that we found a rental that accepts cats!
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I just moved across the country (six days) and four hours ought to be no problemo. They'll probably yowl but oh well. I'd take away their food a few hours before you leave in case one gets an upset tummy but just make sure you have an area for them with a litter box and food and water once you get there.
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I am glad that this subject came up. I am moving about 4-5 hours away and was wondering how to move them the most comfortably. Of course, in my case, I have 1 that is so scared of being in the car that she instantly pees when she gets put in the carrier. She also yowls constantly-- extremely distracting when driving through Columbus. Has anyone used sedatives here? I don't want her to be so stressed and miserable while we are moving, but I don't want to risk her health either.
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I took mine on a 5 hour ride to Memphis and then back a few days later. You can get some Feliway and Rescue Remedy to keep them calm.

They do meow but I would just turn the radio up and sing when they did and they would calm down again.

Dont feed them or let them drink a few hours before you leave. We drove straight there with no rest stops and mine were fine.
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I haven't moved with my cats (yet) but I have taken them on a 5+ hour road trip in a tiny VW Jetta. I made sure to pack all of their things last. This is what I did:

I put a litter box in the front on the floor by the passenger seat. Chloe actually used it while we were on the road (not at a rest stop either), Mattie didn't use it at all. She was really young though so I don't think she could have held it like Mattie could. I would make regular stops so they can use it though, they may not want to if it's moving. I didn't give them water before we left and fed them dry food. You can also bring some puppy pad things that are absorbent.

I set up their Sleepypod beds in the back seat. I know I should have kept them in their carriers the whole time but I didn't. (I know, not safe).

Oh, and if they don't always wear collars (mine don't normally), make sure they are wearing them. Make sure they are in their carrier before opening any car doors (you don't want them getting out, obviously). When you get to your new home, put them in their own bedroom while everything is being moved in. I would keep them in their own room until things are mostly unpacked (at least furniture). You want to give them time to get used to their new surroundings.

I am moving half-way across the country in May, it's a 2 day drive. Can't wait for that with 2 kitties....
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