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Kitten having diarrhea

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Hello! We adopted Gus (who is about 3 months old now) 3 weeks ago and he has been having diarrhea for about 2 weeks. He has also vomitted a few times. We took him to the vet last night and his stool sample tested negative for parasites. The vet gave us an anti-diarrhea prescription that she said would also knock out coccidia if he did happen to have it (I think the med is Albon). The vet also gave us some Hills I/D dry and wet food to feed him for right now.

Well when we got home our other kitten (Kala, 7 months) had diarrhea with some blood. Before that her stool had been normal. I did give them some new wet food previoulsy in the day (Science Diet wet for kittens). They had also been eating Science Diet dry food for kittens - Gus was fed that at the shelter we adopted him from, and then Kala started eating it too with no immediate problems.

Last night and this morning I gave them both a little wet and dry Hills I/D. They both had stool that was slightly diarrhea.

Do you think Kala is adjusting to new food which is causing diarrhea? Or should she go to the vet too?

When the Hills I/D samples from the vet run out, should I continue to feed them Science Diet dry and wet food for kittens? Does anyone have experience with this brand? In addition to having diarrhea, it has been smelling REALLY awful. Do you think this is a food issue or something else?
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Has she been wormed?? has a test for giardia , cocidia been done?? Call and talk to the vet again

SD IMHO is grocery food with a $$$ price
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I agree to make sure her fecal was checked for coccidia/giardia.

I don't like SD as a food, crummy & expensive. You can get higher quality kitten food for the same or better price if you can find it.....

Oftentimes, diarhhea occurs that is stress caused when the new kitty comes home....in the new kitty & resident ones.

Albon sometimes helps for loose stools, if it doesn't they may want to try Flagyl. It's given 2x a day & is a very bitter med. And often it doesn't do any more good than the Albon.
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