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Question of the Day - February 5th

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Where's Katie? I hope everything is OK.

What's the best practical joke you've pulled or had pulled on you?

When I was in college a group of us used to toilet paper friend's cars for fun. Boy did they get me back good one Halloween. The picture of my car even made the front page of the local newspaper.
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Do you still have the picture...
I want to see it.
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I can't think of any suitable for a family site, except maybe the time I paid a co-worker/friend's kid a dollar to hang a cowbell from my friend's bedsprings.

That was rather amusing later that night....and oh the words that came from the bedroom (His wife was in on it too)
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Originally Posted by xocats View Post
Do you still have the picture...
I want to see it.

This is a must see
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For April Fools Day one year I convinced by best friend that I had met Leonardo DiCaprio and he had asked me to be in a movie with him. I must have been very convincing because she believed it and told her mom who believed it too!
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Most of the young apprentices here get tricks played on them. One of them was sent into my office to ask for a long stand?. I said "If you stay there while i finish this then i'll get it for you".

After 15 minutes i had to let him go
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i've pulled a few practical jokes in my time :-)
I took a photo of this persons desktop once..and then uploaded it on their computer and set it as the desktop matter what they double clicked on..nothing would open...
now that is kinda funny.
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When my twin and I were in high school we had several people convinced that we were siamese (co-joined) twins when we were born. We offered to show people our "scars" from separation surgery (even though this wasn't true!!)
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We have pulled several throughout the years.
I have a really good one,but it may be too long to post and some of you may not appreciate the humour.
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I worked at a boys treatment center and one of my coeworkers just loved to play jokes on everyone, but nothing we did embarrassed him. He was one of those really MACHO guys and it drove me nuts at times.

Well, one day I found out he was pretty computer illiterate and would leave himself logged on to the computer and walk away (which was a big no no). I hopped on his computer one day and changed his internet home page (the only thing you could do to personalize your computer). I changed his home page to! It was one of those sites that took five minutes to load up because of all the crap on it and our computers were really slow! I about died laughing when he got on the internet and was wondering why all these hearts/flowers/butterflys were floating around on his screen! All the teenage boys saw it and even our boss! Lucky for me the boss thought this was the greatest prank and for the next month or two my coeworker got barbie toys galore from all of the staff!!!! It was so dang funny and he had no idea how to change it!!!
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Hahahahaha! Thats awesome!!!
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When I was first working here..It was after I had finished my exams to get legally licenced to sell insurance. And I also had to have a background check done in order to be sponsored by State Farm.

When I was awaiting word that my background check had cleared, a couple of my coworkers decided to somehow fake an email from the head admin to me saying that my hiring process was delayed because of something in my past

I just sat there reading the email and started bawling my eyes out thinking about what I could have possible done in my past...

Then my boss comes up and let it slip by smiling as he was asking what was wrong

OMG, I nearly died! It was a good one though!
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neither. LOL, am far to clever to have one pulled on me! & i don't tend to give out joke's
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post
What's the best practical joke you've pulled or had pulled on you?
I'm not sure how "practical" this was but stretching saran wrap over the toilet commode and then putting the seat down so that it could not be seen and waiting for the yelling to begin.
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Hmmm...I don't think its the best one..but one I did do that was pretty funny went like this:

Back in the college days I decided to get healthy and went roller blading around campus. I tripped, fell, cutting myself on my knees and scraping up the skin just under my eye.

That Monday I was still slightly bruised and since everyone asked me "What happened?! " I decided not to tell the truth.

So for half a day I was known for going ape on another chick at a bar over some guy. The other chick had to spend the night in the hospital

When I finally told everyone the actual truth (I'm a clutz) they laughed...but then some people said they could see me going ape
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