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Is it mean.....

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to put one of your kitties out of your room at night and allow the other to snuggle with you?

Chestnut is an ANGEL at night and basically just sleeps or wathes TV (I sware he does) until we get up. Gizmo on the other hand doesn't sleep all night, and he starts running around the room and getting into anything noisey he can! I feel bad kicking Gizmo out and letting Chestnut stay, but then I feel bad kicking Chestnut out because he loves his nightime sunggles.... what do you guys think?
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I'll move this to Behavior for you.
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Awwh Midnight zoomies! I have two that do that too right now. I can't kick them out, I"d feel too bad, I just fall asleep eventually! Eventually they calm down and come snuggle, so that's good enough for me.

We also have a habit of going to sleep with the tv timer on, I think we started doing that b/c of midnight zoomies actually Covers the sounds of wild kitties..
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I do this too. One of my cats will sleep on my bed, but I don't the let the other one in. I feel bad, but my other cat is always knocking things over and making noise.
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Our bedroom door is open all the time - they come and go. Ling has her fav sport which is at the bottom of the steps where the heat from the furnace is. Charle more/less sleeps with us, but not the entire nite.

If you are willing to keep your door open, your problem may solve itself
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Is there an age difference between the two? If Gizmo is younger than he could still be growing out of the kitten phase, and honestly he would probably be happier with the whole house to explore than being trapped in one room. Or, if not, it just could be personality differences. In any case, I don't think he minds if he's not sitting outside your door howling and scratching to get in. He could just be more independent.

Funny, my Gizmo is my spaz child too. Maybe it's the name?
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I'd give a try and see what happens. Every once in a while Gary wants a "cat free" night of sleep. The only one of the six that complains is Flowerbelle - and she does so relentlessley and at very high volume. Turns out she's attached to her hanging basket bed, so no problems letting her in to sleep.

The other thing to consider if you want to keep your bedroom door closed is putting a cat door in the bedroom door. That way Gizmo can come and go, but you've still got the sound or privacy barrier. May not help the problem of his disturbing you - but if his energy is the problem and he wants to roam, you never know but it might help.

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The way my house is laid out when if I leave the bathroom door open they have acess to the entire house snce that bathroom also opens up to the 2nd bedroom which the door is usually open ,the problem occurs when Gizmo is givn acess to oyr bedoom.
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