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litter box digging

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my cat was going crazy in his litter box at 630am. i let him go at it for a few minutes, but the room began to smell and i figured he was having difficulty burying stuff. i got up to get a plastic bag and he ran off. i scooped everything out and spread out the good litter. i was concerned b/c a few days ago he behaved this way and after i cleaned up i noticed that he had a little blood on his posterior. the vet told me it was a funky thing that happened b/c of the amoxi drop he's been on for two weeks. i was concerned that he was having the same issue this morning, but he wasn't. he had a piece of litter on his nose. i'm wondering if i should put more litter in the box? does anyone know why a cat would dig and dig and dig in his litter box? is it just something to do? it didn't bother me, but the scent was strong and got stuck in my nose.
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Jack digs so much you'd think he was digging to China or something.
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Chloe digs like there is food at the bottom or something It's just something that some cats do. She sometimes gets litter on her nose too.

Make sure to clean the box at least once a day.
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Spike is a digger too, he'll keep digging even once he's reached the bottom of the box. I have to sweep litter off the floor several times a day because he will sometimes empty half of the box with his digging. I don't know why he does it, just his personality I guess!
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One of my boys is a real digger. Maybe if your kitty produced something that was smellier than usual he felt a real need to bury it deep!

If he's been on antibiotics then it can help to give a little live yoghurt, about 1/2 a teaspoon a day for a week (once the course of antibiotics is finished) - this helps replenish the natural good bacteria in the gut which have been killed by the antibiotics, that may help his stomach to settle and hopefully reduce the smell!
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My Elliott is a digger, I can't figure out if he's trying to get to China or he thinks he's mining for diamonds!

He only digs like that BEFORE he goes, he doesn't cover anything up
Thank goodness for Gracie...she gets in the box after him and "Cleans Up"
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