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a kitty who likes coffee?

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well...lets see..when I came home yesterday I brought a big cup of coffee (well ok french vanilla cappacino from 7 - 11) and placed it on the dining room table..then I went into the kitchen for a few minutes...and Salem decided to knock the coffee over onto the floor and start drinking it...
silly cat!!!
So I put him in the basement for around 30 min...(which is where his litter box is)...
but he was by the door and you can see a foot trying to come out...sabrina was playing with him through the door...
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awwww how cute!!!
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Anything in a mug or cup is fair game, my boys are very interested in the smell of coffee and usually sit and watch the coffee machine while it's doing its stuff
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Salem usually just sniffs the coffee cup when I bring it home...
oh well...
guess he needed a little caffeine. Although I see sometimes when I make it at home he tries to drink it out of my cup...
or puts his paw into the cup when i'm done to see if there's anything left to lick
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My kitties prefer to drink tea rather than coffee, I guess they know caffeine send them into overdrive!

Arwen will drink tea, but only if it's put into her water bowl first..apart from that she won't touch it..
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We have to guard coffee cups at my mom's house, as her cat loves coffee!
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That is so cute I have heard of cats obsessed with coffee, but never had the chance to see it for myself.
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