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Cats and Human Allergies

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SO I need some information on what is out in the world for a person with allergies to cats to live happily in a home with cats already in the home.

What works?

Are there any allergies sufferers here with cats or a person with allergies that lives with you and lives with your cats with no health issues?

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I am allergic to cats. It depends on the severity of the allergies and how much you are willing to do to be able to live with a cat. I take allergy meds and started allergies shots about a year and a half ago. I also do some of the things mentioned in this article.

Good luck!
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Well, there are issues, but Zissou gives far more to my life than allergies take away.

You can never have too many air filters, on your hvac, your vaccuum, standalone ones, etc. A good vacuum is your friend, as is allergen-reducer febreze.

It really depends on the person, and the cat. I'm more allergic to other cats than I am to Zissou anymore, and one of my friends is severely allergic to her and can't stay in my apartment longer than 5 minutes, while I have no symptoms here.

Oh, and try to get rid of the carpet as much as possible. Carpet is the enemy, washable throw rugs are the secret weapon.

And then, be willing to make some sacrifices. You might want to keep one room totally cat-free, preferably your bedroom, and as Karen said consider some medicines. I'm on Singulair for asthma, not sure how much it does for the allergy, and sometimes take Claritin.
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There is also the breed (I forget which exactly) which is hairless and thus no dander, so should be ok for allergic people. They do look kinda freaky though.
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This might not help at all... but I used to be severely allergic to cats. Then I adopted a stray that for some reason I wasn't allergic too, which I think helped me build up some immunity. Then I started eating a really well balanced diet and lots of organic food. I seem to have mostly shed my allergies to cats.... I <i>have</i> developed some food allergies, but I feel like I traded those allergies for not being allergic to my babies. I think it's a fair trade!

Anyway, changing your diet might help depending on how allergic you are. Good luck!
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thanks everyone
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I got allergy shots for all my allergies and the first regimen was for the cat who adopted us. They worked immediately because it is such a common and lousy allergy. You are not allergic to cat's dander but to their saliva.
The shots are great but sometimes the allergy is not to the cat but to what the cat dragged in. You may have an allergic reaction if the cat is playing under a bush to tree.
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I am Allergic to Cats too. I used to take Allergy Shots years ago. I was told in 1987 to get rid of my Cats by the Dr. I did not listen and have 4 Cats now. I was told no Drapes or Carpets but we have Carpets here. i would ove a Spinx the hairless Cats. When I get clawed I do get huge hives that itch alot. I also have Asthma. Long Hair Cats make me sneeze alot. I take Clarian D when my Alergies act up and I have Flunase.
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