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Daily Thread Tues Feb 5th!

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Good moooooooorning my friends!

Well it will be short staffed in the office today...but my boss and office manager won't be there and it will be a nice break from authority

Heading to the gym after work...and I think thats about it..

Its going to be 11 degrees!!! With rain! I love mild weather!!

Have a great day folks!
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Good morning
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It's chilly here today but sunny.

Nearly time to get the nose bag on and i'm ready for it.

Received an e-mail from Gils nephew out in Iraq, so it's good to know that he's ok
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Same here Nat, it's going to be warm However tonight its suppose to drop back down to 32 (0 C).

Have a fun day everyone!!
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Hey cats.

Not much going on for me. Just school and then home.

Enjoy the nice weather while it lasts. Maybe I'll get a bit here soon. We are still cold. Right now it's -27*C (-16.6*F) and we are supposed to get to a high of -14*C (+7.2*F) and that is without the wind chill.
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Originally Posted by photographerboy View Post
Good morning
Hello there!! Welcome to the daily!!
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Not much on my agenda today. I need to do some paperwork and budget balancing for January before my credit counselling session on Thursday.

I planned on going to the gym today and have a ride scheduled to pick me up in 45 minutes, but I'm still feeling nauseated this morning, more so than last night so I'm taking the day off from the gym but will go as planned tomorrow.

If I feel better later, I will make some soup to freeze.
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Good day everyone!

I am so tired this morning. For some reason I just could not sleep last night. So I am avoiding work and playing online for a bit. It was so foggy this morning due to some warmer weather. But back to the cold and snow tomorrow. The news said to expect 10 to 15 cm of additional snow. I am so sick of winter. I want spring to arrive!
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Morning All!

Mild and very foggy here this morning.

Heading off to work shortly, lots of things to do today so it will probably be a long one.
Just home tonight for dinner, TV and an early night..

Kitties are great today, having treat time right now. Pixie is pouting because she gobbled her treats really quickly and got growled at when she tried to steal Linus's.
Everyone have a good one
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That's great new Susan!
Welcome back Ady!

Starting today I am Nurse Michele. The patient is up and cranky. Apparently she only sleeping for 2-4 hours at a time. I am surprised I was up at 8:30am.
Dh is home and he will shopping for us today.

Nothing planned at all. I will be winging it for the next 3 weeks.
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Good morning! Todays our wedding day! 4½ hours from now we'll be saying our "I Do's" The last year went by SO quickly. It is also our 3 year anniversary of being together today

Gonna be 77º today and 65º tonight! This weather makes me like South Carolina Beautiful outdoor wedding weather (especially in FEBRUARY!) Although its gonna be 54º in New Jersey where I used to live and that's abnormally warm for February too.

Ahh! I cant believe the day is here Guess I'll go make me a thread.
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Well an overcast day with snow in the forecast (again!!) The local TV stations have been having stories about running out of road salt -they use thousands of tons of salt!! They have started to mix with sand or in my county small pebbles which is a pain for driving.

Ran to Tuesday Morning when they opened to pick up a digital kitchen scale. Slid through an intersection on the drive home though-EEK!! I was gonna turn right but would have hit a car.

Have a dull headache this am might be a dehydration one though so I'm drinking lots of water. If better I plan on walking outside early this afternoon before it snows.

Have a good day and go vote!!
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Happy Mardi Gras to all!

Not a lot on my agenda today either, just work here in a bit! And maybe going out to dinner later but I dont know yet!

Its going to be 70 degrees here today!!! this weather is so confusing!

I hope everyones day goes well!
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It is supposed to be warm here today too. Originally they said 11c, but now the weather network says 6. Still warm for February though. Tonight we are supposed to get rain, then freezing rain overnight and snow in the morning. That will make the roads nice and slippery tomorrow.

I don't have much planned for today. Laundry and some cleaning. I am tired today. Didn't get much sleep because the power went out around 11 last night and didn't come back until almost 3am. I have a hard time sleeping when the power is off because it is so quiet.
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hello! am having a quiet day today! getting myself ready for my hectic weekend!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Well it will be short staffed in the office today...but my boss and office manager won't be there and it will be a nice break from authority
The nice thing about being retired is there is no authority at all around the house. Until DW gets home, that is.
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