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I want to see what everyone else thinks...

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I have been taking my animals to the same vet since I was about 9 years old mainly out of the loyalty of my family to that vet. They are under new ownership as of the past couple of years ago and now some major changes are starting to go into effect. Their prices have went up, they do things and do not tell you its going to cost money, they make it sound as if its free then when you get the bill its on there for an extra 20 dollars. Some of the vets are nice some are rude....all their staff as rude except for two people one works independently(groomer) They cut you off mid-sentence...Their receptionist told me the other day if you want to be seen you will have to wait(I had an appointment) and their were no emergencies just a lot of walk-ins. They told me that it didn’t matter that they saw people in the order they were came in regardless of whether or not I had an appointment. I am now thinking about switching vets one we met when we bought our second shih-tzu we had a free appointment with their office courtesy of they breeder. They were incredibly nice very friendly explained everything in extreme me detail to make sure there was nothing we didn’t understand their office was very neat and clean and the staff were extremely friendly. What would you guys do?

Sorry this is so long I just needed to get this out and get some opinions.
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Personally I'd go with the new vet because if the new vet listens to you that's better than being interrupted when you are trying to tell the vet something!
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I'll move this to care and grooming

When i moved house i checked out the 3 vets in my area and asked them questions eg: what their opening hours were, where was their 24 hour emergency hospital, and more importantly made sure that they had a good bedside manner not only with me but with my cats as well.

Personally speaking, from what you've said i would be giving this new vet a try and waving the other vet goodbye.

One of them would just have to say one rude remark to me and i'd make sure that he/she never saw my cats again It's a stressful time to start with, so you want a vet who your comfortable with.
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Definitely change! You owe them no loyalty, especially under new ownership. I have changed vets since I came to France, until I found (separate) ones for the cats and ponies who were both efficient and sympathetic. Your animals deserve it.
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Polite and organized staff make a lot of difference. Personally, I would write a letter to the vet(s) you usually see about it and why you have chosen to switch to another vet.
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I'd check around for other vets conveniently located with good hours and make an appointment for an interview session (that's what I did before I adopted Dharma). And, then probably change. There's no reason to put up with a poorly managed office, no matter what type. But, I wouldn't judge a vet's office solely on pricing - I'd try to look at the whole package of services provided, as well as responsiveness to the clients.

Don't forget to get your records from the first vet's office if you transfer.
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I'd switch as well. These four legged creatures are like our children, and they deserve the best possible care and while they may receive good care there, you need to be comfortable with the caregivers.
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sounds like a no brainer!
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If their customer service is crap, the rest isn't going to be any better. Find somewhere else.
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Loyalty is earned and should be rewarded with pleasant and competent service. It sounds like the new management does not appreciate your loyalty so there is no reason to stay. Go with a vet who treats the owners and animals with respect. Walk-ins should not push out people with appointments (emergencies excepted of course).
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We found an awesome vet They are a bit more expensive but well worth every penny about the same distance away as the other one just in the opposite direction...I loved they they treated Max and Chase like kings...and are working to get my two cats Sadie and Sam in ASAP to be fixed they are even gonna call and let me know if theyre any cancellations!! Thanks for the advice everyone!
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Switch, you don't need to stay with them. After all they don't care about you and your cat. Most likely they won't even miss you.
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After I moved I went to a feline vet that was terribly disorganized, the staff didn't know prices off the top of their heads (such as the price of vaccinations), and they were more expensive (which I had expected but you expect a higher level of professionalism). They were nice but I wasn't confident they'd be able to take good care of my cats. The new vet isn't as nice as my old one but they are much more organized than the feline vet and they feel more professional. It sounds like the new owner is trying to cut costs or something, people with an appointment should always have priority over normal walk-ins. You should have asked them if you could borrow a phone book and when they asked told them you need to look up a vet who honors appointments.
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I've switched vets a few times. Sometimes you just have to. You need to do what is best for your furkids.

One vet I went to once and never again, my cat was throwing up all the time and he wanted to do a blood test that she really needed (she was 16 years old at the time), but she screamed too much and he wouldn't take it. A real vet would let the animal be uncomfortable for a few moments in order to truly help them.
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