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At A Loss

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I just found out the other day that the strays I've been feeding DO belong to the neighbors in back of us: this includes Indigo, Sneakers, Ricochet, and a few others. While I was feeding them their breakfast the other morning, the woman who lives there saw me, and proceeded to say that they were HER cats. I told her I wasn't sure whose cats they were, and I was feeding them b/c I can't stand to see any animal go hungry. She didn't seem to give a one way or another as to whether or not I was feeding them: as a matter of fact, I got the impression that as long as I WAS feeding them, then SHE wouldn't have to. She also brought up the fact that she now has even MORE kittens, and she's "trying to get rid of them." So the endless cycle will go on and on and on..

My plan was to take in each cat one at a time, to get spayed/neutered. But now I don't know if I have the "right" to, knowing that the cats belong to her. But I also don't feel as if I can just stand by and watch these obviously irresponsible people, who would rather buy beer than to spend their money on taking care of their pets, not do anything to take care of keeping their cat population under control. I've lost track of just how many cats they now have, which will just continue to breed b/c they won't do the responsible thing. I don't know what to do..

I'm at a loss. Does anyone have any suggestions??

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Dear KK,

It's wonderful that you're so concerned about the little cats that are depending on you to help them.

Is the woman approachable at all? The easiest thing would be if you could talk to her and get her okay to begin to spay/neuter the cats. It sounds like she doesn't care too much and she might be grateful for you help. If you can, spay the mother of the kittens first.

If the woman isn't approachable or doesn't give her okay you're going to have to find out the laws where you live.

Good luck with this.

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Unfortunately, there's no way to hide a spay. Many won't notice a neuter if they don't particularly care about their cats, but this situation really sucks!

I agree with Katie. If she doesn't seem approachable from a talking standpoint, maybe it'd be better to write a note. Maybe include info about how rapidly cats can reproduce, and because you didn't know the cats belonged to anyone, you put significant time and research into finding a solution. Tell her (generally) about the deal you worked out with "a vet" and maybe offer to split the cost with her? It might be a way to help both of you. ????????????????

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I know how upset you must be! I would might call the police and see if
they could be charged with neglect? Why would she care if you spay or neutered them, she won't have to pay for it! Beside the fact that her neglect
is costing you money, to feed and care for them! Like everyone else said,
find out the laws and go from there! Tell her if she is having trouble getting
rid of them, then maybe she wouldn't mind if you took the mother in to be spay! Never hurts to ask! and I thought that once a stray is around your
house and you start feeding them, that the cats becomes your responsiblity!
that may not be right? I deplore ignorance!!!!!! sanford & son!!!
there are some vibes, and some love!
I have a feeling your gonna need it!
let me know
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Yes do call and report this woman for neglect. It's people like her that give responsible pet owners a bad rap. There are more and more places that will not allow you to rent if you have pets. You are an angel for looking out for the well-being of these sweet animals.
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If it wouldn't be a financial hardship, I'd just go ahead with my plan to spay and neuter the cats.

Most places regard dogs as property and protect the owners from that point of view. Cats are not classified in the same way.
What this translates to in practical terms is: "You lets your cats out, you takes your chances."

These people don't even feed them. What are the odds they'll actually notice a shaved belly and a spay incision. You can also tell the vet staff that they're outdoor cats and need their fur. When we do ferals at our clinic we give a 'bikini cut' because we know they need their fur to keep warm.

Since the woman is complaining about the kitten population, I'm betting she'll just be thrilled to be getting the spay/neuters done with no effort or financial outlay on her part. Generally those folks who spend all of their spare money on beer love to get something for nothing. Don't expect her to ever say 'thank you' though.
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