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My healthy cat just started puking!

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My cat just started puking today, first his food this afternoon and now just bile from his stomach!
He has been under extreme hostility with me because i just brought a little (9 mo. old) female kitten from the pound and I think he is very upset because of the "territory" sort of thing.
However, the lil kitten has had a sever cold. I have had her in her cage since she had gotten worse. I took her to get her an antibiotic shot and now I give her amoxixillan everyday, twice. So, we are working on her getting better but in the meantime, I'm not sure if my cat (he's about 1 yr 9 mo old) is sick due to the lil kitten i brought home (of which is completely vaccinated etc.) or because he's been so upset with me for bringing her home!
In the meantime, I have been looking for a new home for the lil kitten, because bang bang will not have it! He's been insanely freaking out on me, lungeing at me, growling etc. So, obviously I can't keep the other lil one...but most importantly I will die if Bang Bang is at all at risk of dieing or something. He's up to date with all of his vaccinations, he's never been sick in his life and now, all of a sudden he's puking!
What do I do? What is it? Please help me! It's too late to run to the vet!

Any suggestions are so appreciated!
God Bless.

p.s. I have lysoled the entire house, changed the kitty litter to fresh litter. completely washed every bowl, dish...I'm going to start washing the bedspread now. I'm so terrified! Please help!
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He might be getting Sick. I took Meeko for blood tests then she was throwing up. It turned into a bad cold with a fever over 104. Last week Coco did taht and got the Cold she is on Meds now and Meeko is done with them. Meeko was in a very bad mood when she was sick. Your Cat could have something from the new Kitten. I bet he is jealous of the Kitten too.
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...that is like "mmmmshppft...mmmrrrgrrrr", you know in the high pitched curltailed way that they make when they are upset with another cat or dog or something. that's the sound that he makes towards me now..and he looks at my hands like they are foreign objects invading his space. it's so weird, and he has never acted like that to me before.
i'm afraid he doesn't love me anymore and then more importantly, i'm afraid he's actually really sick. i don't want him to die! i'm going to take him to the vet tomorrow for whatever tests he needs to take and get medicine if he needs it.
but, i'm so afraid he may have gotten something that he could have forever. i hope not! if it's just a cold, than we can treat it, but if it's gotten something that we can't treat than I am going to die.
the other kitten, i have in the cat carrier, totally seperate from the other kitties. she is totally warm, i'm giving her amoxixlan and feeding her, fresh water. I am visiting her, cleaning out her eyes and nose and giving her love every once in awhile.
when i check on bang bang, i always have washed my hands and make sure i'm completely sterile from the other cat before i touch him.

what do i need to know or what should i do?

p.s. i just got bang bang to eat alittle bit of food, which is progress. but then he started making that noise again, like he was pissed at me or something and then i had to get up.
mind you, ever since i brought that other kitty home, bang bang has been overreacting and even hissing and lungeing at me with anger. it's kind of scary actually because he has never acted like that towards me. if anything, he's always acted just the opposite...whining for my attention, protecting me, cuddling with me etc. now he's 10 million miles away and now sick!
i'm so sad!
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Hang in there hun.

I had a lot of trouble when I brought in a kitten, my other cat was 6 years old at the time. She to this day is not very happy about the kitten being here, still hisses. Some cats are just very territorial.
Puking could be stress related, or possibly just a coincidence and maybe he is having hairballs.
If it doesnt stop, Id worry about a vet then.
Vets are even more stressful.

I would isolate them for now. Put kitten in the bathroom (with litter, food and water) and allow the older kitty roam the house as he is used to (use separate food, water, littlerbox that he is used to).

Hopefully everything will be okay by morning.
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Sasha gave my Kitten I got in Novenber a hard time. Stormy my Cat that died in Dec was very mean to Sasha and hissed and growled at me when we got Sasha. They became friends after all that. My Brother has Cats he has Seperated because they try to kill each other. Some Cats never learn to live together. It really depends on the Cat. I have been lucky with mine. if the Kitten has been checked and it is a Cold and nothing else your Cat will be fine. I had a big problem when we first moved here. we had this pitbull and a orange Cat jumping at my window. I came home one day and my Stormy was handing by her back paw screaming. She was tangled in the Blind Cord. i thought her leg was broken. Coco her Mom and Meeko were having a big fight and Coco was hurt too. Her front paw was bent but not broken. It tooks Months to heal I think because her age. After that i had to keep her out here because she would attack any Cat that she saw even Stormy her own. Meeko had been her best friend. Now they are best friends again but I can not put her in that bedroom. She will hiss and get very angrey. Those people are gone they were evicted. I have got 2 new Kittens since then and Coco took them as her own. I think the Kitten has made your Cat upset. Cold germs can be spread even if you wash your hands.
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i think it is really unusual for cats to immediately accept a newcomer. whenever i have brought a new animal into the home, the existing cats have freaked out. when i got my lurcher, my rb cat daisy, moved upstairs for a month and refused to come down. she had a tray, her food, everything up there. her and leo did end up best friends though, she would rub her face against his and sleep next to him.

i would hang in there and give them both a chance. try putting a blanket that the kitten sleeps on in with the older cat. basically you need to combine their smells so they don't appear to be 'different'. good luck.
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Thread Starter's been a day and i still have the little kitten, quarantined basically. she seems to be doing better and then when she sleeps, her eyes fill with a watery substance and her nose has bubbles. i wipe her clean and then give her food and fresh water and then she eats ravishly. she is very skinny, so i'm trying to beef her up and she has an appetite like a bear! so, that's a good sign.
i let her out to go to the bathroom, in the bathroom! i set up a seperate litter box for her and then after she's finished, she runs back into the little (it's big actually) cat carrier box.
she sleeps. and when she sleeps she sometimes makes noises similar to that of a baby. like she is congested and sniffly.
she has begun to warm up to me and she purrs loudly and wants to be petted. just this morning is she getting alittle playful by, shyly nibbling on my hand or trying to grab for the warm towel that i wipe her face with.

she seems like she is making progress but she doesn't look like it at all...and she doesn't sound any better either. i'm still giving her the amoxixlan and cuddling with her to give her love too.

the other cats...boris...he doesn't care really but bang bang is still upset with me. he (i think) is feeling alot better but he's been resting ever since he threw up the last time (last night.) he ate alittle after that but for the most part, he's been sleeping...almost like he's depressed. i am so worried about him, i could cry.
if he doesn't snap out of it, well, i have already made the sad decision to give the kitten to a friend of mine. she will take it in and take care of it and give it a good life. but, i'm so afraid my trust with bang bang has been severely damaged and he'll never trust me again. i really hope not.

any thoughts?
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It usually takes like 1-6 months for kitties to fully adjust to a newcomer. Don't give up & re-home the kitten yet.

Vomiting often occurs as a result of stress.

As for Bang Bang not liking you....give him time. It's not something that's been severly ruined...his trust of you. Give him his space & time. Make sure each kitty gets some 1-on-1 time with you.
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Dont give up let it takes time. My brother had two Cats that hated each other unti the day they died. They could be in the same room they just stayed apart. It worked out fine.
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I was doing a search on vomiting because my cat has started to do this. I noticed you had written about lysoling the entire house.

Be careful with Lysol too. It's toxic to cats. The virus cats get are different from ours anyway so the lysol wouldn't help get rid of their specific virus strains.

BTW: how are your kitties doing?
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