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Will this be a set back?

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Still learning about ferals and need advice.

Hubby built an enclosure for two of the ferals I rescued with no place to go and no chance of being adopted.

The size is about 8'x14' outside and an inside of 6'x10' with a kitty door conecting.

1) Will this set the cats back any to move them to enclosure? They are about 1 tro 2 years old. Only the two. They are bonding more with my hubby in a very large bathroom (12'x18') they watch him shave and just lounge around when he is in there.

2) I have two orphans that are finishing their vaccinations soon. Will they be ok to be in physical contact with the ferals that only have rabies vaccine, but have been healthy otherwise.

Thanks for any words of wisdom.
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I'm sorry - I don't really understand the question.

It seems you're planning to have the ferals live in the enclosure you built - which is really just so wonderful! Are you asking if it's going to be a set-back to the socialization?

And the same question regarding the orphans - are they also going to live in the enclosure?

Or is this something connected to the house that they can enter and leave when they want?

If the question is about socialization, then the answer is easier this way. It's easiest when socializing ferals, regardless of age, when they are confined to one space - like one room - and you spend as much time in there as you can doing anything but trying to interact with them. Being in the bathroom shaving is a perfect example.

As to the question of interaction, if the ferals aren't exhibiting any signs of illness and it's been a couple of weeks, then interaction with other cats should be OK. Of course there are no guarantees that ANY of them - orphans or ferals - aren't carrying FIV, FIP, or FeLV - but it can be expensive to test, and there is no test for FIP.

We have all feral rescues as our indoor-only pets - and except for the first two, all were rescued at different times. The only vaccinations we had for any of them were the required Rabies and Distemper.

Don't know if this answered any of your questions.

But for what it's worth, I think you're doing a wonderful thing!

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I have a member of my family that has built an outdoor enclosure on their deck for there strays, but, they have a cat flap installed on the back door so the cats can go inside the house if they want to from the outdoor enclosure, the extra room leads to the backyard and it's for the cats only.

So that way can live inside the house but go outside for fresh air.
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