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Counter Surfing

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He doesn't get bothered by vinegar (think he likes the taste) or lemon juice..it does not matter how many times we put him back on the floor, what time of day, whether there is food out or not! He is down with the broken hip right now but I assume he will be back to it very soon, any tips?
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Have you tried spraying him with water when he is actually up there? Perhaps shaking a can full of rocks, and telling him "No, Bad kitty, OFF!!!"

Perhaps try putting a bit of cayenne pepper on the counter will deter him...I know mine make very quick back paddling at the scent of cayenne!

Have you tried actual 'keep away' sprays...like Bitter Apple, and such? I know there are various ones. Mine hate Bitter Apple too (will run away from dog leashes sprayed with it!).

Have you tried the old 'tin foil' trick? I have never used this trick, but I have read in several different books, and sites that cats HATE the feel of tin foil under their paws, and if you were to put a strip of foil on your counter, perhaps he would stop going up there.

Anyway you could put a sneak attack trap up on the counter? With one of my kitties who kept digging stuff off my dresser, I simply put some hangers on the top of the dresser, and when she went to jump up there, she 'grabbed' the hangers along with the edge of the dresser and pulled the hangers down on top of herself...it only took one time, and she got the point. I did make sure to put 'padding' on the floor infront of the dresser, so she wouldn't hurt herself if she fell. Don't use heavy stuff, though! I used cheap plastic mini hangers.

Perhaps even hanging some pop cans from your cabinets for a while, so your kitty 'rattles' em and scares himself, will help teach himself to stay off the counter too.
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Here is a great thread discussing cats on counter issues and how to deal with them: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=156490

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